Make the Most of Your Doctor's Appointment

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

In order to receive the best care possible, it’s crucial that both the patient and the physician be as informed as possible. Open communication is the key to achieving this for both parties.

To get the most out of your patient care experience, be sure to keep the following three points in mind during your next appointment:

1. Don’t be afraid to confront potential embarrassment. Some symptoms and conditions can be embarrassing to discuss. But your doctor is there to help you, and they have significant experience in dealing with many issues and situations just like yours. Your doctor’s office is a sanctuary of sorts, where you can expect a compassionate and respectful ear about whatever ails you.

2. Don’t skimp on the details. Try making a list of items or questions you have prior to your appointment. These questions should involve symptoms, side effects or other issues related to the reason why you scheduled the appointment in the first place.

3. Listen actively. Listen carefully to your doctor, and don’t be too timid to ask questions about something you don’t understand.


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