Prescription Refills

If you need a prescription refill, please contact your physician’s office or request a non-urgent prescription refill from your MyChart at Watson Clinic LLP patient portal account or please contact your physician's office.
Keep in mind the following:
  • Not ALL prescriptions can be refilled by a phone request. Regulations require most pain medication prescriptions to be printed and signed by a doctor and cannot be called in.
  • Most medications will NOT be refilled if you have not seen the physician within the past 12 months; some medications may require more frequent physician visits for proper monitoring and recommended changes in dosage.
  • In order to be sure your prescription does not “run out,” please allow at least three business days to get your prescription renewed.
  • Your preferred pharmacy is kept in our medical records system. Please keep your physician's office records updated with your pharmacy of choice. To request a change to your pharmacy, please contact your care team by phone or message their office through your MyChart at Watson Clinic LLP patient portal.
  • We recommend that you call your pharmacy prior to picking up your prescription to make sure it is ready.
  • If we mail the prescription to you, please allow five business days for processing.

If you need prescription assistance, visit the website, which will provide you with the information needed to apply for financial assistance. Click here for more information.