What Everyone Is Saying

Recent Patient Testimonials

A patient wrote to express how much she appreciates Dr. Steven Colucci and Ashley Madison, Internal Medicine, for taking such good care of her health.

Dr. Faeza Kazmier, D.J. Nelson, APRN, and staff, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Women’s Center, received a thank you card from a patient. “I am forever grateful for the kindness shown to me.”

Renee Finen, Patient Access, was complimented by a patient for always being so accommodating when scheduling her appointments.

A patient’s daughter called to report that she is so appreciative of Dr. Stephen Swengros, and Georgette Farmer, APRN, and staff, Internal Medicine, South, for the excellent care they gave her mother. She states, “They were always very responsive to any portal messages that were sent.”

Dr. Rossana Escobar-Klapport, Family Medicine, received a thank you note from a patient for taking such great care of her. The patient was here for a dental problem and thanked her for being such a great “dentist.”

A note of sincere appreciation was sent to Georgette Farmer, APRN, Internal Medicine, South, for her compassion, skill and knowledge that was shown at her doctor appointments.

A patient sent a thank you card to the Urgent Care South nursing staff for being so attentive and transparent with what was going on, and delivering the care and treatment needed to get her on the road of recovery.

A patient wrote to express sincere gratitude and appreciation towards the Allergy department staff, South, for the kindness and consideration that each one of them has given to her while in the office or getting her allergy shots.

Dr. Manoj Dhariwal, Urgent Care Main, received a message from a patient thanking him for taking such great care of him.

A patient stated as she was leaving Urgent Care Main that she always has the nicest nurses taking care of her there.

Dr. Rajendra Sawh, Carol George and Dawn Lash-Bazemore, Urgent Care Main, received flowers from a patient as a thank you for the care that she received.

A patient’s son brought breakfast to thank Dr. Jarett Gregory, Sam Stanley, Shannon Hughes, Mandi Bachelder and staff, Urgent Care South, as he was so appreciative of the excellent care his father had received.

A patient submitted a special thank you to Dr. Elisabeth Dupont, Breast Surgery, Women’s Center, Dr. Faeza Kazmier, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, DJ Nelson, APRN, Sue Jones, APRN, and all the amazing nurses and staff at the Women’s Center. “I have appreciated your support with the tears and hugs you have shown me through this entire journey. You have helped me more than you will ever know.”

Dr. Guillermo Vasquez, Internal Medicine, South, received a thank you card from a patient’s spouse stating, “I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your years of service in taking such great care of my husband. You are a true professional in every sense of the word.”

A patient wrote to express her gratitude to Dr. Gabriel Pantol and Tracy Heglin, Neurology.

Dr. Zully Calvo and staff, Podiatry, South, received a thank you card from a patient for helping make her appointment feel so much more comforting, as she was apprehensive before coming in.

A patient complimented Adam Fagan and Bryan Schoon, Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine, Highlands, for being so helpful when she had physical therapy, and for suggesting exercises she can perform at home.

A patient wrote to express gratitude to Betsy Anderson, Audra Jones and Marcus McDonald, Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine, Highlands, for always encouraging and being so knowledgeable. “They are fabulous!”