What Everyone Is Saying

Recent Patient Testimonials

Dr. Jason Saylor, Family Medicine, Main & Highlands, and his care team, received a thank you card from a patient following a recent visit. You are the best!”

A patient brought in a cake for Dr. Robert Lamport, Gastroenterology, Main, and his care team for the exceptional care they provide to their patients.

After a recent trip to Urgent Care South, a patient left praise for Dorothy Nicholson, calling her a bright and cordial addition to UC South.”

Dr. Weyman Price, Allergy, South, received a note from a patient expressing their sincere gratitude following a recent appointment, and thanking him for his efforts to educate the patient on their condition. They regarded the staff as professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. All the best to you and your incredible staff!”

A greeting card was received in the office of Dr. Guillermo Vasquez, Internal Medicine, South, for his entire care team and reception staff. I have zero complaints, and nothing but appreciation for all the great care!”

A patient called in to express praise following the amazing care” they received from Lauren Patterson, APRN, Family Medicine, Highlands, and from Stephanie Ellis, LPN, Family Medicine.

The Call Center received compliments for Deanna Riley, APRN, Family Medicine, Highlands, remarking on her professionalism. From the same appointment, the patient also wanted to acknowledge Taffy Young, Family Medicine, for taking the time to review the medication list and for being overall pleasant and kind. She really just stood out like a shining star.”

A patient compliment was left for Shakeyla Mozie, Pulmonology, Main, after her efforts to go above and beyond on behalf of a patient.

Our Patient Advocate received a compliment for Jessica Jeffries, APRN and Shamira Sampson, Dermatology, Highlands, following a recent visit. The patient described how after a wonderful and thorough exam, precancerous skin lesions were found and successfully removed. Ms. Jeffries and Shamira are great assets to the Clinic.”

A patient compliment was called in to the Cancer & Research Center after a recent visit. The patient recalled how Dr. David Graham, Radiation Oncology, made their procedure painless. They are so appreciative of Dr. Graham and the whole care team for an above and beyond operation!

Dr. Richard Sweeney, Family Medicine, Bartow, and his care team received a flower arrangement and card from a patient in thanks for all of their help during a difficult situation.

Following a recent visit, a patient called in to thank Meg Currier, Orthopaedics, for her outstanding care and attention. Meg made this patient feel cared for and encouraged them to reach out after the visit. She even gave the patient a direct number to call for follow-up. Now thats quality patient care!

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