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Recently received Patient Testimonials.

Patient Testimonials

A patient wanted to compliment Dr. Nick Newsum, Hand Surgery, Main & Highlands. She is 100% visually impaired and relies on her hands and fingers to see. She said Dr. Newsum is the first doctor to ever be so concerned about her overall wellbeing. She was very impressed with how awesome her visit was.

Darlyne Stone, Reception, Women’s Center, sent Judy Rivera, PFS, a card thanking her for all she does. She wanted her to know that she appreciates her very much.

A patient wanted to express how happy she was with the lab and the staff that work there. She said they are full of knowledge and very efficient in what they do. She loves all of them.

Sabrina Haynes, Patient Financial Services (PFS), received a compliment from a patient for providing excellent customer service. She said Sabrina went above and beyond to help her with kindness and patience.

Dr. Guillermo Vasquez and staff, Internal Medicine, South, received a note of appreciation from a patient for the excellent care she received. She adds that the healthcare industry has become so impersonal and she wanted to let them know she appreciated all they have done to help her. It has made a huge difference in her life.

A patient called to compliment Laura Dixon, APRN and staff, Internal Medicine, South, for being thorough, informative and pleasant as with any provider he has ever had at the Clinic.

Tasha Grace, Pain Management, received a card from a patient thanking her for going the extra mile to help her with a claims issue. She said that Tasha was a credit to her profession.

Dr. Louis Saco, Gastroenterology, received positive comments from a patient in the Lakeland Surgical & Diagnostic Center (LSDC), Patient Satisfaction Report stating he is an amazing physician and he is always on time. A patient stated, “I would recommend him to all of Lakeland one of the best doctors I’ve ever met. He is very qualified and efficient.”

A patient called noting Susan Denmark, Internal Medicine, South, is one of the most pleasant, enjoyable staff members she has worked with. She is always on top of things and goes above and beyond to get things done. She is always friendly, respectful, and professional and treats him with dignity and as a professional himself, he appreciates her qualities.

Dr. Naem Shahrour, Pulmonology, received positive comments from a patient stating he gives them confidence and he is very sharp. The patient also wanted to compliment Dr. James Hardigan, Family Practice, and Dr. Jarrett Gregory, Urgent Care, stating the Clinic has some great doctors.

Dr. Geetha Krishnan, Internal Medicine, Main, received compliments from a patient to her and all of her staff that she had the pleasure of interacting with. The receptionist made it like one big happy family. She notes that everyone is pleasant, accommodating, sweet and supportive. “They all take time to make you feel comfortable and put you at ease.” She is glad she found them.

A patient wanted to share how grateful she is to have found Dr. Megan Luciano, OB-GYN. She had been seeing the same doctor for years until he retired. She never thought it would be possible to find someone so similar. She is thrilled that Dr. Luciano is so caring, understanding, patient, gentle and makes a patient feel comfortable and at ease.

Vishia Talbot, PA, Orthopaedics, received a message thanking her for such good care and her kindness. “All in all I could not be more pleased — my elbow is doing very well.”

Dr. Gabriel Pantol, Neurology, received a thank you card to express the family’s appreciation for true kindness, compassion and professionalism. The family member said he took the time to talk to her and her sister to explain the diagnosis and treatment options that her sister would have. She says more than anything she is grateful that he provided honest answers. They will be forever grateful for the care her sister received.

Kathy Smoot, Medical Assistant, Surgery, wanted to thank her MCRS team who went above and beyond for a patient’s surgery. She also thanked Carolyn Horne and Kim Downs, Managed Care. The patient was appreciative of their efforts and didn’t have to cancel her surgery.

Clinical Informatics received a MyChart satisfaction survey response from a patient giving it high grades in all areas. The patient was very pleased she could request refills online and she also said online messaging saves her time.

A patient called to express her appreciation for Venus Craney, LPN, who went above and beyond in assisting her. She said Venus was very caring, compassionate and understanding. The doctor had an emergency and had to cancel the appointments that were scheduled for the day. The patient said that Venus was able to schedule her with another doctor, which made the patient feel like the Clinic did care about her.

Kudos to Lynne Dalhover, PFS, for providing excellent customer service. A patient complimented Lynne for being great, smart and helpful. She was nice and pleasant to deal with.

Alicia Grant and Connie Beach, Laboratory, received a compliment from a patient. They were very professional, friendly and had active listening skills. He notes they were also empathetic, approachable and efficient in resolving his concern. He appreciates their commitment to customer service.

A patient called to say she was blessed to be able to have wonderful people taking care of her. Dr. Agustin Tavares and staff, Internal Medicine, South, Luis Berrios, APRN, Laura Dixon, APRN and Susan Denmark. The patient notes they are all very professional, prompt, friendly, caring and polite and treated her like family. She loves them all.

A patient’s friend who brought her in for an x-ray called complimenting Cindy Valich and Cindy Kozak, Radiology. She said they were just such joys. She noted they were friendly, helpful, pleasant and truly enjoyable to be with. They made them feel comfortable, welcomed and their friendliness was sincere.