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Recently received Patient Testimonials.

Patient Testimonials

Dr. Tarek Garas, OB-GYN, Bella Vista Building (BVB), received a card from a patient thanking him for his great skill, knowledge and bedside manner. His staff was also acknowledged for their kind hearts making them all such wonderful blessings.

Dr. Pranay Patel, ENT, BVB, received a card from a patient and her husband stating “you have treated us with kindness, efficiency and an unhurried manner. We appreciate these qualities very much!”

Nadia Valdez and Michael Ward, Center for Rehabilitative Medicine, volunteered to handle the medic tent at the Lakeland Futbol Club (Clinic-sponsored soccer league). Way to go!

Dr. Jorge Gonzalez, Cardiology, received a thank you card on behalf of the Foundation Board of Directors and staff for taking the time to speak at their Healthy in Pink Social event.

Commendations go to CJ Sanders, Clinical Informatics, for going above and beyond in assisting a patient who was very thankful for her help.

A call was received from a thankful husband concerning his wife who became very ill and needed to be seen by a physician. Thanks to Maureen Toloday and Marcia Berry, ARNP-C, Nephrology, an appointment was made so she could be seen the next day. They were grateful for the care received and very pleased with the professional office staff.

Katie Beard, Brittany Watson and Mellanie McConkey, Reception, received orchid arrangements from a most appreciative patient.

Milda Segui, Nuclear Medicine, was helpful in getting a patient worked in for an appointment prior to an urgent surgery.

Dr. Phuc Vo, Orthopaedics, received a card from an appreciative patient. “Thanks for the excellent job. Your patients are very lucky to be under your care.”

A patient called to say how much she appreciated the customer service she received from Ashley Matz, Patient Financial Services.

Dr. Richard Dudrak and staff, Urgent Care, received a card from a thankful patient for the great care received.

A patient wrote to say she never met a doctor as dedicated and thorough as Dr. Shalini Mulaparthi, Oncology -Hematology, Cancer & Research Center (CRC), and because of her she is living a busy and active life again.

Carrie Cosson, Dermatology, was instrumental in helping a patient receive a free prescription. Way to go, Carrie!

Dr. Giovaninna De La Cruz and staff, Urgent Care, received praises from a patient complimenting them on the special care received.

Dr. Jack Thigpen, General Surgery, received cookies and a card from a patient thanking him for taking good care of her.

Dr. Tarek Garas, OB-GYN, BVB, received a card from a patient thanking him for his thoughtfulness and being the surgeon he is.

Two back to back patients expressed compliments about the efficiency and courtesy they received at Watson Clinic South Lab.

A patient called complimenting Vicki Fellinger, Urgent Care, stating she was extremely helpful and accommodating going above and beyond in making sure his needs were met and he will always remember her kindness and willingness to help.

Dr. Donald Langley, OB-GYN, Highlands, received a heartfelt appreciation gift from a thankful new mother. “Thank you so much for delivering our sweet baby girl!” Another patient wrote a note of thanks to his entire team. “I now have two healthy boys and you’ve helped me be a better mother to them,” it read.

Dr. James Mammel, OB-GYN, BVB, received a card from a thankful patient stating “with you as my doctor, I knew I was in good hands.”

Megan Brooks and Paula Sever, Patient Financial Services, received praises from the husband of a patient who stated they were both more than helpful and fantastic to work with.

The mother of a patient called to say thank you to Dr. Kendra Velez, North Pediatrics, along with the Call Center and Clinical staff: Kayla Kerns, Amerita Perez, Sherree Stenz, Tracy Stephenson and Heather George, for their kind and caring ways and exclaimed how wonderful everyone has been.

Dr. Tarek Garas, OB-GYN, BVB, received a card from a patient thanking him for his care. After her procedure, she has been on “Cloud 9” and is forever grateful to him.

Amanda Porter, Orthopaedics, received cookies and a thank you card for her involvement in getting a patient the help she needed. “Your actions have made all the difference.”

A patient complimented Jose Bosque, Urology, for his compassion and empathy noting he is a caring professional in every sense of the word.

Dr. Louis Saco and staff, Gastroenterology, received a card from the wife of a patient thanking them for their services and kindness.

The staff of Dr. Ugo Nzeako, Gastroenterology, received high praises for having the highest percentage of Passport completions for the third quarter. Way to go!

Dr. Musa Awan and staff, Ophthalmology, received a letter from a grateful patient thanking them for their kindness during her recent procedure.

Dr. Steven Tyree and his care team, Family Medicine, XpressCare at Highlands, earned well-deserved praise from a patient. “You are superheroes” she wrote in a thank you card after her son suffered an allergic reaction. “[My son] is doing well this morning and we are thankful for you!”

Dr. Elisabeth Dupont and staff, Breast Surgeon, Women’s Center, received a card from a grateful patient thanking them for their professional care and letting them know it made a difference in getting through the past few rough months.

A patient called to say she is “absolutely blown away” at how smooth and effortless the surgical clearance process is and adds “it was bing, bing, bing” for Laboratory, EKG and X-Ray. She also noted that she left Lab to go to EKG and “before that was done, I got a MyChart notification of my urinalysis results. That’s awesome how you can do that for patients. Unbelievable service. That’s why I come here.”