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Recently received Patient Testimonials.

Patient Testimonials

A patient called to compliment Dr. Adora Mauborgne, Family Medicine, XpressCare at Highlands, for saving his life. He is thankful for her excellent care.

A patient called to commend Samantha Johnson, Dr. Richard Sweeney's office, Family Medicine, Bartow, for her delicate manner in which she diffused an escalating situation and calmed a confused patient. She showed true professionalism and kindness.

Kerry Prisoc who works in the office with Dr. Kevin Browne, Cardiology, received a card thanking her for always being kind and welcoming.

A patient who has had ongoing issues for years recently saw Dr. Pranay Patel and staff, ENT/FPS, BVB, and stated the visit was life changing! “Dr. Patel took the time to listen and discussed options. His team was kind and professional and they all deserve a big THANK YOU for what they do to help patients.”

A patient called to say that Dr. Michael Achinger, Nephrology, is an incredible physician. "I learned more things in one visit than in my entire adulthood and I've seen a lot of doctors. Not only was he informative, he was personable, not rushed and made it a point to make sure I was understanding what he was telling me. He definitely is a doctor's doctor."

A MyChart message was received for Dr. Thomas Oates and staff, Endocrinology, from a patient stating, “You all are awesome! Such a wonderful team/staff and are always so quick to respond, helpful, polite and professional!”

A patient wrote to Dr. William Roth and staff, Dermatology, BVB, thanking them for their care and kindness.

Dr. Weyman Price, Allergy, South, received a card stating his passion for his patients is clear as is his kindness.

Dr. Serge Jean and staff, ENT/FPS, BVB, received a card from the wife of a patient thanking them for their efforts in taking good care of her husband.

A patient called noting that Ruby Joseph, Radiology, Highlands, was compassionate, helpful, reassuring and truly listened. Her kindness is appreciated.

A patient commended Stephanie Ward from the office of Dr. Pedro Flores, Family Medicine, Highlands, for always being welcoming and pleasant. “Her professional demeanor always makes me feel calm and relaxed in a sometime stressful situation.”

A patient called to say Dr. Michael Achinger and staff, Nephrology, can't be beat, adding they were amazing and “are as good as it gets” with their professionalism, knowledge and friendliness. “It is a winning combination if I ever saw one!"

CJ Sanders, Medical Records, received a card from a patient thanking her for her quick and efficient work. Way to go CJ!

Dr. Kevin Browne, Cardiology, received a card extending gratitude for taking the time to share his knowledge and firsthand experience.

A patient called to praise Danielle Gray, PFS, stating her son needed a form for school and Danielle helped to get the paperwork she needed so the issue was resolved quickly.

Kudos to Andrea Anderson, Renee LaPlace Wilkerson, Christina Jackson, Stephanie Chancy and Terri Toops, Blue Team South, who received a cake from an appreciative patient for their quick response and care given during a recent visit.

A patient called to say what "precious ladies" we had with Victoria Harrison, PA-C and Christina Hucks, Radiology, then went on to say that because they treated her with such gentleness and care, her fear was gone and she was immediately at ease during her recent visit.

Beverly Willey, Diabetes Education, received praises from a patient for listening and made sure the information given was understood. “She is awesome!”

Marta Shelton and Brandi Williams, Highlands Lab, received praises from a grandmother concerning her young grandchild. She states “the best lab techs are at Watson Clinic” because her grandson walked away smiling.

Dr. Donald Langley and Holly Payne, ARNP-C, OB-GYN, Highlands, received a card from a patient thanking them for treating her with respect and answered her questions and concerns. “You made me feel like a valued person” and she is appreciative of that.

Dr. Serge Jean, ENT/FPS, BVB, received a card from a patient thanking him for being such a skilled surgeon and his comforting bedside manner.

D.J. Nelson, ARNP-C, Plastic Surgery, Women's Center, received a card from a patient praising her for her kindness, gentleness, patience, sweetness and adds that she does her work “perfectly.”

A patient stated Dr. Eberto Pineiro, Neurology, “got my health on track. He is a wonderful, wonderful man!”

A patient wrote a note of thanks to Shirley Jones and Ann Griggs, PFS, for always having a warm smile and being a special team which makes them so impressive!

A patient called noting he had the most pleasant, friendly and professional scheduler and he wanted to brag on her. Cindy Parramore, Reception, Call Center, was as calm, personable and informative as anyone he's ever scheduled with.

A patient called to say Rene Fraser, Reception, was caring, sensitive, considerate and professional when she was having difficulty after a visit and adds Rene was the only shining light of that day and was grateful to have her for support.

Dr. Faeza Kazmier and D.J. Nelson, ARNP-C, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Women’s Center, received several heartfelt tokens of appreciation from satisfied patients in recent weeks. From thoughtful cards to hand-designed journals to painted pottery, their patients took great time and effort to relay their gratitude for the compassionate and expert care they received.