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Recent Patient Testimonials


A patient sent a message thanking Tiffany Acevedo, Urology, Main, for how much she has done for her and saying that she truly appreciates the follow up.  

Kelly Lindsey, HIMS, received a thank you card from a patient who was very grateful for her continued patience and communication.

 A patient had a DEXA scan with Mary Joyner and called to compliment her positive attitude. She made her feel comfortable and at ease during the whole experience.

Dr. Leen Al Saleh, Rheumatology, Main, received a patient compliment for her care in the office. The patient praised her for being a wonderful doctor and for listening to her, adding that she was very kind and seemed very concerned about my issues.”

A patient submitted a letter thanking Barbara Barbie” Smith, Ophthalmology, Main, for her attention and care during a recent visit. Barbie went out of her way to help resolve another problem during the visit and saved the patient from extreme pain. Her overall care and compassion is greatly appreciated. 

Dr. Thomas Moskal, General Surgery/Surgical Oncology, Main, received a thank you card in the mail from a patient, thanking him and his team for their skill, excellence, and hospitality. 

Dr. Dany Barrak, General Surgery/Surgical Oncology, Main, received praise from a patients daughter, who said, hes awesome, we absolutely loved him,” and highly recommends him if you ever need a surgeon. 

Theresa Peterson, Medical Spa, Bella Vista Building (BVB), received a Google review in which a patient says she is an excellent masseuse. The best Ive ever had.”

In the same review, they also praised Kristy Wilkes, Medical Spa, BVB, for being a great aesthetician and providing wonderful facials. 

In a different Google review, Dr. Jason Saylor, Family Medicine, Highlands & Main, received compliments from a patient of the last four years, calling him the best family doctor” for allowing the patient to be involved in discussions of care, listening to their concerns with compassion, and offering in-depth information. In short, he is a treasure in our medical community.”

A patient of physical therapy left a Google review for Townsley Smallwood, Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine (PTSM), Highlands, thanking him for always bringing an uplifting energy and remembering the smallest of details about their complaints to better help resolve their issues and provide resolutions that made this patients life better and more enjoyable. 

One Google review applauded XpressCare Highlands, for their accessibility on the weekends. Having experienced a little wait, the patient goes on to thank the care team for always doing a thorough job in their care assessments. 

One patient in a Google review wanted to thank Georgette Farmer, APRN, Internal Medicine, Highlands, for always being lovely, kind and caring during visits, and for going out of her way to help patients.

After a recent visit, a patient left a Google review for Dr. Jarrett Gregory, Urgent Care South, for being kind and validating their concerns during a visit and for getting them to a specialist much faster than they had originally been able to. 

The reception team at XpressCare Highlands received a Google review for always being polite, friendly, and cheerful all year long. This patient has visited during weekdays, weekends, and holidays, and appreciates their positive attitudes. 

The Physical Therapy team at the Center for Rehabilitative Medicine received a Google review praising them for always being professional and friendly.

Following a recent visit, Dr. Anid Phelps, Urgent Care Main, received a Google review for providing great care, being thorough, and sending the patient home, feeling better. 

A patient left a message of gratitude for Dr. Kyra Munzenmaier, Psychiatry, Highlands, in regards to her guidance and help in getting the care she needed.

In a voicemail received by the Patient Advocate, Pamela Sparkman and her care team, Dermatology, BVB, received praise from a patient for providing an excellent and thorough appointment. 

In another message to Patient Advocate, a patient left compliments for Dr. Shalini Mulaparthi, Oncology- Hematology, Cancer & Research Center (CRC), proclaiming in her opinion that she was the Jewel of Watson Clinic.

Ambrosia Bass, Laboratory, South, received praise for her work with one patient, saying she did a really good job in their recent visit to the lab. 

Those who work at the Cancer & Research Center received a handwritten letter from a patient, saying how impressed they were with the team. Everyone that helped me was fantastic, friendly, and outgoing.”

In a different handwritten letter, a patient expressed gratitude to Alberto Villalobos and Cristan Rios, CT Scan, Main, and Emily Dernulc, Reception, Plant City, for their kindness during a recent visit.

Dr. Elisabeth Dupont, Breast Surgery, Womens Center Suite B, received a holiday card where a former patient recounts their first appointment and how hopeful she made her feel, and after many visits left her feeling forever grateful for excellent surgery.”

Dr. Prashant Desai and Cody Powell, PA, Orthopaedics, Highlands, along with care team members Tabitha Mulford and Crystal Melchiorri, received a shoutout from a patient giving them high praise for their care during this patients total knee replacement. From start to finish, this patient describes their care as outstanding” and is forever grateful for this team.

The same patient would like to send recognition to Reah Smallwood, PTSM, Highlands, for always encouraging them during their visits. Even when they felt like they couldnt continue, Reah was there to push them along and made all the difference in this patients knee replacement recovery.

In a message over MyChart, one patient lauded Dr. Geetha Krishnan, Internal Medicine, Main, and care team members Samantha Ramirez and Christa Jennings, for another great follow up appointment. They represent what medical care should be.”

After a recent visit to Dr. Dominic DiPierro, Podiatry, Highlands, one patient expressed appreciation for a quick and easy appointment, thanking him for being awesome and making them feel comfortable the whole time.

In a Google review, one patient praised Dr. Pranay Patel, ENT/Facial Plastic Surgery, BVB, for being an excellent surgeon, having an exceptional bedside manner, and being overall compassionate.

Urgent Care Main received a shoutout in a Google review for the care team and doctors, the patient saying they are always helpful and kind.

Dermatology at Sun City Center received a Google review in which they were commended for being kind, friendly, and having a helpful staff.

In a Google review, Dr. Jalen Banks, Chiropractic Medicine, Center for Specialized Rehabilitation (CRM), received praise for being patient, kind, listening very well, and taking the time to explain things to patients in his care.

A patient left a Google review for Ryan Payne PA, ENT, BVB, applauding him for being up to date with the latest practices and for always being kind, knowledgeable, and on time.

Dr. John Dilullo, Neurology, Main, and care team received a Google review for their detailed care and treatment of a patients migraines, continuing on to say the team is always easily accessible through MyChart and responds in a timely fashion.

A patient left a Google review for Urgent Care South in appreciation of them being a kind and caring team as well as having a well-managed wait during the Christmas weekend.

In a Google review, a patient expressed gratitude for Dr. Jalen Banks, Chiropractic Medicine, CRM, as he was able to treat their extremely painful sciatica and have them walking out of appointments pain free.

Watson Clinic Center for Rehabilitation team received a Google review from a patient, calling them very attentive and knowledgeable. A great place for physical therapy.”

Before Christmas, a patient brought their parent in for care from Dr. James Hardigan, Family Medicine, Main. Despite a booked and busy schedule, the care team was able to see him the same day and offer care that both were very grateful to receive. The kind of patient care the industry doesnt see often,” they remarked.

From the same visit, the patient left another compliment for Jose Rodriguez, Clinical Services, for going above and beyond in his compassion for making sure both were well taken care of and even taking a moment to keep them company. This treatment and extra care has deeply touched my family.”

A Patient Advocate heard high praise from a patient after a recent visit to Souths Ultrasound and Echo departments. They were seen by Natasha McVay, Ultrasound, and the patient noted how efficient she was during the visit and that it was the best visit they ever had.

To Dr. Luke Miller and care team, Dermatology, Highlands, one patient wanted to draw attention to how outstanding they all were. Robin Harmon is notable from this particular visit for being kind, caring, and thorough in follow-up visits. Overall, this patient is thankful to have such a wonderful care team!

In a handwritten letter to Julian Rios, Urgent Care Main, one couple wanted to express heartfelt gratitude for his efforts during their latest visit. They remarked how well he shined in the clinical environment and how lucky any patient would be to be seen by him.

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