What Everyone Is Saying

Recent Patient Testimonials

An email was sent from a patient to say thank you to Dr. Gabriel Pantol and staff, Neurology, saying, “Your compassion and attention to my needs was the best I have received in a long time.”

A patient sent a card to say how much she appreciates Dr. Edward Baffoe-Bonnie, Internal Medicine, and Urgent Care Main staff, for always treating her like royalty.

A patient emailed to praise Megan Greason and Laura Seay, Radiology, Highlands, for being so wonderful and gracious at her appointment.

Amanda Hudson, Pediatrics, received high praises from a patient’s mother for helping her twin girls feel at ease at their appointment. “She is a gem and an asset to Watson Clinic.”

A patient submitted a message through the website regarding the wonderful experience she always has at Urgent Care Main. “We have never had any problem with scheduling appointments, or treatments.”

A patient called to commend Dr. Zia Rab, Cardiology, for being so knowledgeable and how impressed she was with him as a physician.

A patient wrote to say thank you to Emily Beriswill, APRN, Internal Medicine, South, for being proactive at his appointment. “You are awesome!”

A patient wrote in to acknowledge Dr. Jarrett Gregory and staff, Urgent Care South, for being so kind, competent and for the compassionate care rendered.

A patient called to compliment the CAT scan department for providing heated blankets to patients in the cold waiting area.

A message was submitted through the website from a patient regarding Urgent Care South, stating: “All of the staff, doctors and nurses are wonderful! Full of concern and compassion!”

Dr. Elisabeth Dupont, Sue Jean Jones, APRN and staff, Breast Surgery, Women’s Center, received a gift from a patient just to say how much they appreciate the kindness, concern and excellent care they received.

A patient wrote to say, “Best care I have received in years, all of my doctors were great,” about our Watson Clinic Highlands location.

A patient reached out to say thank you to all the staff at Watson Clinic Highlands for being extremely friendly, prompt and exceptional. “All of my health concerns were listened to.”

A patient that had recently moved to Lakeland wrote to say how wonderful all the physicians and staff at Watson Clinic Highlands were. “Everyone was professional, courteous and engaging. This is the place for us.”

Dr. Felicia Hall, Dermatology at Brandon, received praises from a patient for being knowledgeable and gentle.

A recent Facebook post shined a spotlight on the recent achievement of Dr. Richard Cardosi and Dr. Tarek Garas in being among the first specialists in the nation to receive a Focused Practice Designation in Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery by the American Board of Obstetrics & Gynecology. Many patients commented on the post to share their deeply felt praise for the doctors.
  • "Dr. Garas," one wrote, "is kind, compassionate, caring, knowledgeable and professional."
  • "Dr. Garas is a fabulous surgeon,” another wrote. "He deserves all the accolades!”
  • "Dr. Cardosi has made my mother a cancer survivor of six years now," shared one commenter. "Thank you, Dr. Cardosi!"
  • "We are blessed to have such amazing physicians," summed up another.