What Everyone Is Saying

Recent Patient Testimonials

A patient sent an email to compliment Betsy Anderson, Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine (PTSM) Highlands, for the outstanding job she does. The patient writes, “What I noticed is the tremendous knowledge of what she is doing but also how she cares about my issue.”

Melissa Colley, Urology, received a thank you card from a patient for the help that she was given during her appointment.

A patient wrote to say how much she appreciates Dr. Pamela Sakalosky and Donna Hicks, Dermatology, Bella Vista Building (BVB), for helping her get in with a doctor so quickly.

Tracy Heglin, Neurology, received a thank you card from a patient’s daughter for working in her father for his hospital follow-up.

A patient called to say how much he appreciated Patty Malatino, PFS, for her great attitude and patience while helping him understand his insurance coverage.

A thank you card was sent to Dr. Elisabeth Dupont, Breast Surgery, Women’s Center for all her hard work and support. “Your humility, kindness and strength were greatly appreciated during my difficult time.”

Monica Anderson, Internal Medicine, received flowers from a patient as a thank you for her patience and support.

A patient wrote in to say thank you to Ashley Murray, PTSM, Highlands, for helping them with their health issues. “You have been kind, compassionate and very knowledgeable. Thank you for helping me with a treatment plan to get some needed relief.”

A patient submitted a message through the website regarding the wonderful experience she had at the Dermatology at Brandon location. “Beautiful,  brand new location; every staff member was wonderful, personable and listened to all my of my concerns.”

A patient wrote a note to Dr. David Graham and staff, Radiation Therapy, Cancer & Research Center (CRC) regarding how happy they were with their results after his radiation treatments.

Dannie Earl, Family Medicine, received a thank you note from a patient for being such a thoughtful and caring person. “It is very comforting to have a doctor who takes the time to listen. I am grateful for the person and doctor you are to me.”

A patient called to compliment Patty Malatino, PFS, for resolving his billing issues.

Dr. Obafunto Abimbola, Orthopaedics, received a thank you card from a patient. He writes, “Thank you for being the most competent and caring orthopedic surgeon in the world. I am doing things I never dreamed were possible.”  

Employee Cindy Brock, Patient Access, Women’s Center, went above and beyond to make sure a patient was taken care of.

A patient posted how grateful they were that Dr. Maha Jalab and staff, Internal Medicine, were part of our community through Watson Clinic, and for the great care that was given to them during their visit.

A patient’s mom was very impressed with Dr. Kendra Velez and team, North Pediatrics, for receiving a call back right after she had left a message and working her son in for an appointment so quickly.

A grateful patient reached out to Ruth Iserhardt, Center for Rehabilitative Medicine (CRM), WCPC, to say thank you for the professionalism and expertise that was devoted to his rehabilitation progress.

An email was sent from a patient to praise Melissa Colley and Jose Bosque, Urology, for being truly exceptional professionals. “ These individuals have been absolutely excellent in their attempt to do everything possible for me.”

Valerie King, Family Medicine Highlands, received a gift card from a patient as a thank you for helping get her prescription figured out.

Yaritza Reyes, PFS, received a compliment from a patient for being so professional during a difficult billing call.

The staff at PTSM, Highlands, received a thank you card from a very grateful patient. “You all have become like family to me, and I just wanted to thank you for being so awesome!” 

Dr. Elisabeth Dupont, Evelyn Caban and Joy Willis, Breast Surgery, Women’s Center, received a thank you card from a patient for the kindness and support that was given to her over the past few weeks.

A patient sent a note to say thank you to Dr. Elfia Alcala, Family Medicine, for the work that was done during his appointment.

A grateful patient wrote to say thank you to Melissa Colley, Urology, for all her help, during a very difficult time.