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Recently received Patient Testimonials.

Patient Testimonials

Mellanie McConkey, Reception, received a hand-made card from a patient for her thoughtfulness and encouragement.

Katie Beard, Victoria Prebor, Brittany Watson, Mellanie McConkey, Patricia Milling and Ashley Brown, Reception, received a note from a patient stating: “Two small words to express SO MUCH gratitude — THANK YOU!"

A patient called noting that Darrell Ford, Urology, is affable, has a great personality and shows how much he cares about his patients. He is one of the nicest, most professional people he has ever met.

Dr. Louis Saco, Gastroenterology, received a letter from a patient thanking him for being not only an excellent doctor, but also a good and trusted friend.

Susie Harris sent a card to thank Watson Clinic LLP for flowers, love and support shown during the passing of her husband. “Your kindness makes me proud to be a part of the Watson Clinic family.”

Dr. Patricia Schmaedeke and staff, Family Medicine, South, received a card from a patient thanking them for their thoughtfulness, caring manner and excellent listening skills.

A parent of a patient highly recommends Dr. Varsha Ghayal, Pediatrics, stating "she is absolutely amazing!"

A patient sent a card to Dr. Louis Saco and staff, Gastroenterology, thanking them for their services stating “everyone was so nice to me.”

Wendy Gonzalez, Human Resources, received a card thanking her for her assistance to let her know how much she is appreciated.

A patient called to say how much he appreciated Dr. Khanh Pham and Denise Odom, Endocrinology. They have shown “impeccable efficiency and extreme attentiveness, interest and concern” which keeps him coming back time after time. “They are keepers.”

A patient noted that Pam Coker, Reception, is always pleasant, “her sweetness comes across in her voice” and she even remembered “my name and situation and was able to schedule me for an earlier appointment.” Way to go Pam!

Shirley Jones, Patient Financial Services (PFS), received praises from the daughter of an elderly patient. Shirley helped them set up her father’s Patient Portal and took the time to explain the functions and how to access the account.

Dr. Tarek Garas, OB-GYN, Bella Vista Building (BVB), received a card from a patient thanking him for being “such a blessing.”

A mother of a patient sent kudos to Dr. Michael Band and staff, XpressCare at Highlands, for their care of her daughter. The gentle and calm ways they treated her were exceptional. Everyone was professional from the beginning of their experience till the end. Thank you!

A patient wrote to let Dr. Pranay Patel, ENT, know how much he was satisfied with his care and treatment after a recent procedure.

A patient wrote to say she is not only pleased with the exceptional physicians, but also the outstanding staff and in particular, Peggy Beke and Patty Singleton, PFS. "They are valuable assets to Watson Clinic!"

Dr. Naem Shahrour, Pulmonology, received a letter complimenting Patricia Wells and her kindness and attentiveness to patients and Jeanette Williams for her welcoming and professional presence along with her organizational skills.

A parent of a patient wrote to say Dr. Sheena Tonkin, Pediatrics, South, is “AMAZING” and very nice too!

Dr. Rachel Burke, Radiology, Watson Clinic Women's Center (WCWC), received praises from a patient stating she was very appreciative about her honesty and patience with her.

Ann Phelps, Otolaryngology, received praises from a patient stating she is a kind and caring person who went above and beyond to assure he received great post-operative care.

A patient called to say how much she appreciates Peggy Beke, PFS. “She is always professional and deserves a lot of accolades.”

A patient noted that Dr. Agustin Tavares, Internal Medicine, South, is “by far the best doctor he has ever been to.” He also appreciates the care and compassion of the staff stating “they are the whole package.”

Dr. Richard Frates, North Pediatrics, received praises from a parent stating, “He is an awesome person. Not only do my children go there, my siblings and I were seen by him as children.”

A patient called to compliment the professionalism of Suzanne Gray, Reception, stating she was able to set him at ease and was pleasant and friendly all at the same time – “now that’s AWESOME!”

Dr. Patricia Schmaedeke, Family Medicine, South, received a card from a patient letting her know what a wonderful physician she is. “I love your medical counsel and life counsel. You are an encourager.”

Dr. Louis Saco, Gastroenterology, received a card from a patient thanking him for taking care of her and her family. “You are truly a blessing.”

Dr. Tarek Garas and staff, OB-GYN, BVB, received a card thanking them for their special care. “We appreciate having you as our doctor.”

Sasha Manda, Ultrasound, received a compliment from a patient praising her for the wonderful care he received.

Dr. Louis Saco, Gastroenterology, received positive comments in the EdgePerception Performance Report from a patient. “I am thankful for such good care with humor and compassion.”