What Everyone Is Saying

Recent Patient Testimonials

Dr. Sandeep B. Viswanath, Rheumatology, Main, received a call from a patient expressing her appreciation for working her in on a short notice. She was very pleased with the results of her injection. "Dr. Viswanath is a great doctor."

Urgent Care Main received a 5 Star review from a father who was very pleased with the care he and his son received while sick. They were seen quickly, received medicines needed and the staff was super friendly.

A letter was received for Dr. Elisabeth Dupont, Breast Surgery, Women’s Center, from an extremely grateful husband who wanted to express his gratitude for the surgery performed on his wife.

Emily Beriswill, APRN, Internal Medicine, South, and Jackie Bass, LPN, received an email from a patient letting them know how much she truly appreciates them and thanking them for always being so patient and kind.

Watson Clinic Bartow Building A received a 5 Star rating and the patient wrote “great care and doctors.”

Joli Fuentes, PFS, Main, received a thank you card with a box of chocolates from a patient for helping them.

Dr. Raam S. Lakhani, ENT/Facial Plastic Surgery, Bella Vista Building (BVB), Kayla Hester, APRN, and Heather Wilson, APRN, all received a 5 Star review from a patient who loves all of them. From the care and treatment her daughter has received to her own care and treatment, they all work hard trying to get to the root of the problem. They have been to see them many times now and every experience has been great.

A patient submitted a 5 Star review stating Dr. Felicia Hall, Dermatology at Brandon, is gentle and very thorough with an awesome staff. The patient went on to say that Heather Huppe is the best and always works with her to reschedule appointments. The patient travels 35 minutes to their office and it is worth the trip!

A patient called to give the biggest heartfelt thank you to Debra Curlee, Clinical Services, Highlands, for all her help dealing with her husband’s referral. She can’t thank you enough for working so diligently and professionally to handle the situation.

A new patient was referred to Urgent Care Main and was treated by Dr. Richard A. Dudrak, II. They gave Dr. Dudrak a 5 Star review stating they were quick and thorough.

Urgent Care South received a 5 Star review stating it was the best Urgent Care they had ever been to! The staff was incredibly kind and professional, and they only waited 10 minutes.

A patient’s wife sent a thank you card to Dr. Jason C. Saylor, Family Medicine, Main & Highlands, expressing how much she appreciated his compassionate care for her husband over the last decade and how much she needed and was grateful for Dr. Saylor and Eva’s participation in his celebration of life. She stated that her husband loved people, but Dr. Saylor had a special place in his heart and he trusted him beyond measure.

Another patient wrote a message to Dr. Jason C. Saylor, Family Medicine, Main & Highlands, and Elfia Alcala, APRN, and staff. "They are the “A-Team” and I feel so comfortable with the entire staff.”

A Watson Clinic Highlands patient singled out two security personnel - Henry Johnson with Vista Security and Tom Cain with 717 Parking – for helping them when their car battery died in the parking lot.

A patient sent an email recognizing Maggie Drury, Medical Assistant Specialist/Float, for being kind, caring, well-spoken and patient. She explained everything in a very thorough manner while being a good listener, making sure the patient had a clear understanding of expectations moving forward as well as updating incomplete information in her chart.

A patient wrote a thank you note on how he found it amazing that within a matter of approximately three hours, he was at three different doctors and his eye was repaired due to the quick actions of Dr. Jinoos Taef, Internal Medicine, Main, who discovered a tear in his right eye. He was referred and received an immediate appointment with Dr. Yuliya Faynberg, Optometry, Main, who confirmed the tear and referred him to a doctor at the Center for Retina & Macular Disease who then confirmed what both doctors diagnosed and immediately repaired his eye. Incredible job!

Amanda Estupinan, APRN, ENT/Facial Plastic Surgery, BVB, received a note from a patient wanting her to know how much he appreciated her help. Her approach was very professional while really listening, then actually taking care of his issues. “Watson Clinic is lucky to have you.”

Evan Todd, RN, CT Scan, Christina Hucks, Radiology Technologist, Stephanie Louis-Jean, Radiology Technologist, and Alison Brown, Certified Radiology Assistant, Main, all received a thank you card from a patient wanting to let them know how awesome they were with her and for making a hard time easier. “Big Shout Out!”

Melissa Kemple, CRNA, Anesthesiology, LRH, had a patient’s wife call in praising how good she was to her husband and put her own mind at ease. She stated Melissa was a Godsend to her when her husband was having surgery.