What Everyone Is Saying

Recent Patient Testimonials

Dr. Elisabeth Dupont, Breast Surgery, Women’s Center, received a card from a patient to say thank you for the care and kindness during their journey.

A patient wrote to say thank you to Dr. Jaivir Rathore, Neurology, for helping him with his medical issues. “He truly cared about my wellbeing and getting me better. I could not ask for more in a doctor.”

A patient was very grateful to Dr. Amanda Hidalgo, Audiology, for the advice and approval of the hearing device. “I am a little like a child at Christmas, waiting for the gift of hearing to be made possible for me!”

Dr. Shalini Mulaparthi, Cancer & Research Center, received a portrait that a patient drew as a thank you for always fighting alongside them through their illness.

A patient noted that everyone at the Dermatology Office at Sun City Center, was great.

A thank you card was sent to Dr. Elisabeth Dupont and team, Breast Surgery, Women’s Center, for all the encouragement, love and support that was given through her surgery.

A patient wrote to say how grateful they are that Dr. Pantol Gabriel, Neurology, came into their lives just when they needed him. “You are definitely one in a million and we will cherish you.”

Barbara Carlo, Otolaryngology, Bella Vista Building (BVB), received praise from a patient for being caring, efficient and a friendly nurse. “She is a real asset to your Clinic; she knows what she is doing, and I really appreciate her.”

A patient recently posted that Dr. J. Scott Ferguson and staff, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, are amazing. They were responsive on any questions and made them feel like they were apart of the family and not just another patient.

A patient called to compliment Danielle Gray, Patient Financial Services (PFS), for going the extra mile and having such great customer service.

The Watson Clinic Highlands office was complimented by a patient for everyone being so professional and kind, and even with temperatures being taken and COVID screening there was no line or hold ups.

Luanne Bieberle, Rebecca McComas and Sue Carlson, MRI, received a compliment from a patient for making her feel so comfortable while her test was being administered.

A patient submitted a message through our website praising Dr. Weyman Price, Allergy, South, for spending time going over his concerns and for his office being so professional and courteous.

A patient wrote to express how much they appreciated Dr. Kendra Velez-Rodriguez, North Pediatrics. “She is thorough on every check up for my kids - patient and punctual. The office is clean, and personnel are always respectful.”

A happy patient took to Facebook to share praise for the team of Physical Therapists at Watson Clinic Highlands. “From the time you check in at the desk until the time you leave, you are treated with compassion and care. You are blessed with the best!”