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Recently received Patient Testimonials.

Patient Testimonials

Dr. Rachel Burke, Radiology, Women's Center, received a note from a patient. “I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to read my images yesterday and talking with me. You put my mind at ease. Thank you for your care and compassion.”

Dr. Bruce Miller and staff, Radiology, received a card and some goodies from a patient. “I want to express my gratitude from the bottom of my heart. Everyone on your staff from the girls up front, to the girls in the back, are so caring and compassionate. You all are an awesome team!”

Dr. Tarek Garas, OB-GYN, Bella Vista Building (BVB), received a card from a patient. “Thank you so much for such an amazing delivery!”

Dr. Steven Colucci and staff, Internal Medicine, received a message from a patient. “I just want to let you know how much I appreciated Dr. Colucci and his staff. They all make me feel like I am number one and I cannot express enough how much I enjoy having them as my doctor, nurses and reception staff.”

Melissa Muncy, Ultrasound, received a nice card and treats from a patient that wanted to express her gratitude for
her compassion and kindness during her visit.

Carla Fisher, Dermatology, recently visited Urgent Care at Main and wanted to let Dr. Rajendra Sawh, Sheila Booker and Donna Pauling, know what a pleasure it was dealing with them during her visit. “Their kindness made things feel better!”

The Managed Care department, HIMS, was recently complimented by the LRH staff on their timely turn-around times for surgery authorizations. “What an awesome job!”

A patient wrote in to give thanks to the wonderful care she received by Dr. Jeremy Katzmann, Family Practice, Highlands and staff. “Just a short note to tell you about the wonderful care I received at your wound center. Dr. Katzmann and his staff were friendly, caring and professional.”

Brenda Huggins, Highlands, Laboratory, received a card from a patient saying how much she appreciates her. The patient stated Brenda helped her during a difficult time and also helped her through her fear of blood and needles.

A patient returned to the Watson Clinic South Laboratory, with four pink potted plants, as a token of appreciation of National Laboratory Week.

Dr. Tarek Garas, OB-GYN, BVB, received a card from a patient. “I wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I and my husband appreciate your kindness. You have made the hardest moment of our lives (to date) somehow a little easier.”

Dr. Richard Moore, Dermatology at Zephyrhills, received a card from a patient. “It was great to meet everyone. Again, many thanks for all of your care. See you next year! Have a great summer.”

Vicki Wilkins, Patient Financial Services, Center for Rehabilitative Medicine, received a potted plant from a patient thanking her for her help with their insurance.

Urgent Care at Main received glowing praises from a patient who recently visited. “It’s worth the trip to Main!”

Dr. Jeremy Katzmann and his team, Family Medicine, Highlands, recently received several notes of praise from grateful patients. “Your skill, dedication and compassion are deeply appreciated,” read one. “Thank you for everything you do.”

Dr. Weyman Price, Allergy, South, received a message from a patient. “I would like to thank you for the time you spent evaluating me. I felt like I was fighting a never ending battle. I am so happy I made the decision to come and see you.”

Dr. Naem Shahrour, Pulmonology, and Suzanne Gray, Reception, received a compliment from a patient. “He took his time and really explained things.” She also stated that both the receptionist and Dr. Shahrour were wonderful and really nice.

Dr. Louis Saco and staff, Gastroenterology, received a compliment from a patient. “I feel very comfortable and safe with Dr. Saco and his team. They are true professionals in every sense of the word and they really care about their patients.”