What Everyone Is Saying

Recent Patient Testimonials

Dr. Tammy Gebo-Seaman, Gastroenterology, Main & Highlands, and Lauren Buckland received a message from a patient thanking them for being able to schedule & perform his procedure same day.

A patient submitted a review for Dr. Pranay C. Patel, Otolaryngology, BVB & Highlands, giving a big thank you to Dr. Patel and his staff after amazing results he received from surgery.

A patient submitted a review for Dr. Faeza R. Kazmier, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Women’s Center, stating they could not have asked for a better experience! She made me feel comfortable every step of the way. The staff is wonderful and Chalsey Lockhart, PA is amazing.

A patient highly recommended Jalen Banks, DC, CCSP, Chiropractic Medicine, Center for Specialized Rehabilitation (CSR), on a recent review stating he was wonderful.

Aimee Hogan, Kaitlynn Garrido and Caitlin Hill with the office of Dr. G. Weyman Price, Allergy, South, received recognition on their recent patient satisfaction survey. They are a great team!

Dr. Elisabeth L. Dupont, Breast Surgeon & Medical Director of Breast Health Services, Women's Center, received a letter from a patient thanking her for having the best bedside manner and taking the time to explain everything in such detail. “She is the best!”

A patient’s dad wanted to thank Urgent Care South receptionist Carol Robertson-Burnett and Donna McCalpin for alerting clinical staff when patient was having trouble. Because of the great teamwork between everyone from reception, triage, nursing staff, radiology & Dr. Jarett Gregory, a life was saved.

A patient sent a thank you note to Dr. Elisabeth L. Dupont, Breast Surgeon, Women's Center, and staff for being so kind.

Patient expressed her gratitude to Jennifer Jones, Allergy, for helping get her medication straightened out.

Dr. Dominic E. DiPierro, Podiatric Surgery, Bartow & Highlands, received a review stating Dr. DiPierro is a good listener.

A patient sent a thank you letter to Dr. Tarek Garas and Stephanie Rodriguez, OB-GYN, Bella Vista Building (BVB). “Stephanie has a cheery voice and represents the office perfectly.”

A patient sent a message thanking Amanda Estupinan, APRN, Otolaryngology, BVB, for her knowledge and quality care.

A patient was able to start fishing again thanks to Dr. Thomas Moskal, Surgical Oncology, Main, after performing his two surgeries.

A patient called to give a shout out to Taylor Chason, Clinical Informatics, for being so helpful and patient while helping them set up their MyChart account.

Urgent Care South received praise from a patient stating her experience from start to finish was incredible.

Dermatology at Sun City Center received a review stating they are the most amazing staff and the doctors are beyond great!

A patient had a wonderful experience at Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine, Highlands. They feel better than they have in years!

A patient sent a note to Dr. Jack Thigpen, Jr., General Surgery, Main, thanking him for the excellent care provided during his treatment. “I do not believe I would be where I am now without the expertise of your hands.”

Dr. Jack Davidoff, Priority Care, Highlands, received a card from a patient expressing sincere gratitude for saving his life.

A patient wrote a review expressing appreciation for Dr. Pranay C. Patel, Otolaryngology, BVB & Highlands, patience and kindness throughout their treatment. The patient would highly recommend Dr. Patel.

A very thankful wife of a patient sent a heartfelt letter to Dr. Mark H. Mines, Cardiology, Main, thanking him for taking care of her husband.

Nicole Laderer, DPT, Physical Therapy, Center for Rehabilitative Medicine (CRM), received a card and lunch from a patient, to show how appreciative they are for helping them get better.

Dr. Kaitlyn E. Dwyer, Optometry, Main, received a compliment during a patient’s recent visit stating how “very polite and professional” she is.

A patient sent a thank you note to Renee Laplaca-Wilkerson, LPN, Family Medicine, expressing appreciation for addressing her concerns with such compassion.

Wanda Burgos, LPN, Cardiology, Main, received a card from a patient thanking her for always taking good care of them. “You are the best!”

Jerri Huntt, Social Worker, received a thank you card from a patient letting her know how thankful she was for her kindness and encouraging words.