What Everyone Is Saying

Recent Patient Testimonials

Dr. Yelena Kozirovsky, Mammography, Women’s Center, received a thank you note from a patient that was extremely grateful for her kindness and for being able to obtain some samples she needed.

Emily Beriswill, APRN, Internal Medicine, South, received chocolates and a note from a patient stating, “Thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty.”

A patient complimented, Kaitlyn Dwyer, OD, and technician Devine Pierce, Optometry, Main, for their help with her contact lenses.

Dr. Steven A. Tyree, XpressCare Highlands, received a letter from a patient wanting to thank him and share that his prompt action gave the patient a part of his life back. The patient received alarming results from a CT scan and sent a message via the portal inquiring about what to do next. Around 6 pm that evening, Dr. Tyree called the patient himself after seeing his message on the portal and within days, the patient had the appointments needed to save his life. He is deeply grateful!

A patient sent a message thanking Dr. Elisabeth L. Dupont, Breast Surgery, Women’s Center, for her bedside manner and for easing her heart. “Thank you for being bubbly, yet firm and respectful.”

Dawn Durrell, PA, ENT/Facial Plastic Surgery, BVB, received a letter sincerely thanking her for being pleasant and professional in the care he received at his appointment. He didn’t realize the impact of not hearing well until he could hear well again. He will definitely be back for his appointment in November.

Dermatology, Bella Vista Building (BVB), received a review stating the dermatology staff is excellent.

Charles Velez, Physician Recruitment, was going home when he was asked to help a patient whose ride was over two hours late picking her up. The patient was attempting to obtain a Lyft ride home, but did not know how. Charles was not able to add the app to the patient’s phone, so he used his personal Lyft account to order the patient a ride home and waited with her until the driver arrived. While waiting with the patient, he made her feel comfortable and he joked and laughed with her as if he had known her for years. Another employee stated: “It really touched my heart to be able to see that and I hope his kindness and generosity are recognized.”

Dr. Pranay C. Patel, ENT/Facial Plastic Surgery, BVB, received a review highly recommending him due to their painless post-surgical recovery and their ability to finally breathe easier. “Dr. Patel and his staff are extraordinary.”

Dr. J. Brian Hopper, OB-GYN, Highlands, received a review with 10 stars. The patient stated Dr. Hopper is just the best and was born to deliver babies.

A patient wrote that if Dr. Rony J. Alvarado, Family Medicine, Highlands, has any openings for new patients, take it! He is wonderful, patient, kind and likes to get to the bottom of any issues at hand.

After visiting Urgent Care South, a patient wrote that they hate being sick and going to see a doctor, but this team is amazing! They are fast, caring, attentive, and thorough, from the beginning to the end. “I will not go to another Urgent Care.”

A patient wrote that Brenda Massey, PSS/Pediatrics, Highlands, is a ROCKSTAR. She goes above and beyond to meet everyone’s needs.

Brooke Livingston, APRN, FNP-C, Family Medicine, Highlands, received a review stating how thorough, hilarious, and knowledgeable she is while making you feel so comfortable.

Dr. Sheena H. Tonkin, Pediatrics, Highlands, received a review stating that she is a wonderful pediatrician, makes everything easy with her kids, and is super kind.

A patient wrote a review acknowledging Dr. Pranay C. Patel, ENT/Facial Plastic Surgery, BVB, and his staff for being top notch. From office visits, the surgery and follow-up, all exceeded his expectations.

The patient has had the same surgery three times with other physicians, and this was by far the easiest.

Samantha Costello, Aesthetician, Medical Spa, BVB, received a review stating it was her first time there getting microdermabrasion and she loved it. She said Samantha was excellent, listened to her skin needs and problems. “My skin looked and felt great” and she bought the product line.

A patient wrote stating Dr. Osman A. Latif, Pain Management, Highlands, and his staff are awesome!

A patient wrote a review thanking Dr. Jason C. Saylor, Family Medicine, Highlands, for his understanding and willingness to answer his questions. “Best doctor I have had in a long time.”

Watson Clinic Plant City received a review stating it was a great place and a great medical team.

A patient wrote they have been coming to Kristy Wilkes, Aesthetician, Medical Spa, BVB, for four years and she is the BEST! The staff is always friendly and helpful, and the service is great!

Front desk staff, Bartow, received a note from a patient telling them how much they appreciate everything they do! They went on to thank them for shining a light into the dark places of the world every day!

Dr. Faeza R. Kazmier, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Women’s Center, received a review stating what a beautiful job she did, and the patient can’t thank her enough.

Another patient wrote that Urgent Care South, is on another level. The patient knows where to address their medical issues now. The personnel are superb and they are now changing all primary care and specialists to Watson Clinic.

After years of dragging her feet due to fear and anxiety of doctors, a patient had her first appointment with Emily Beriswill, APRN, Internal Medicine, South. “What an AMAZING experience I had. She was kind, did not rush and was EXTREMELY thorough and informative.” The patient wanted to let Watson Clinic know how big of an asset she is to the team.