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Recently received Patient Testimonials.

Patient Testimonials

Dr. Scott Kelley, Surgical Oncology, received a card from a patient thanking him for his care and concern during a recent procedure.
A patient called noting Dr. Osman Latif, Pain Management, is marvelous and compassionate. She is appreciative of his concern and care.

Brenda Massey, Highlands, Reception, received a thank you card from a patient for her care and kindness along with her sweet demeanor and positive attitude.

Dr. Faeza Kazmier, Plastic Surgery, Women’s Center, received a card from a patient thanking her for being so amazing and is extremely grateful and appreciative of her knowledge and skill.

Georgette Farmer, Internal Medicine, South, received flowers from a patient with a card thanking her for taking good care of her.

A patient called to praise C.J. Sanders, Records department, for being patient and understanding and describes her as a “take charge and get it done kind of girl.”

Dr. David Remmer, Priority Care, Highlands, received a note of gratitude from a recent patient. “With your calm demeanor and attention, I began to feel better even before taking your prescribed medications!”

Kudos to Barbara Collins, Laboratory, for her wonderful smile and calming attitude when a patient recently saw her for lab work.

A patient called stating she was impressed with the Clinic, from Reception to Dr. Jarrett Gregory and nurses in Urgent Care, and also the x-ray tech. Considering the circumstances, it was a pleasant experience.

A patient expressed gratitude for Betsy Anderson, Stephanie Arnett and Katie Torres, Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine, stating they were a great source of encouragement and informative, kind, patient and diligent.

Bonny Nadolni, Dermatology, received praises from a patient for her professional and empathetic ways and went on to say she was friendly, polite and sincere.

Beverly Berlin, Ophthalmology, received a card and plant from a patient for her assistance in helping to get a prescription at a lower cost.

A patient called to compliment Kelley Summerville, Reception, for her pleasant attitude and for making her feel as though someone cared about her feelings during a recent incident.

A patient praised Jordan Bartholomew, Reception, for her warm and welcoming ways then went on to say how much they appreciate the friendliness, professionalism and enthusiasm of Dr. Sharon Fairbee and staff, Dermatology, Bella Vista Building (BVB). "Everyone seemed happy to help during my recent visit and that is much appreciated."

Dr. Patrick Reddy, Cardiology, received a note of appreciation from a new patient for having a great first visit and looks forward to being under his care.

A patient called noting that Urgent Care is the gold standard for wonderful people and care and continues by saying, Dr. Om Prakesh and staff, Urgent Care, who were assisting him were beyond amazing — friendly, courteous and knowledgeable which made him feel as though he mattered.

Kathi Brown, ARNP-C, and Kaye Watson, Otolaryngology, BVB, received compliments in the Patient Portal thanking them for their awesome and wonderful care over the past few months.

Dr. Elisabeth Dupont and staff, Breast Surgery, Women’s Center, received a card from a patient thanking them for their great care and concern.

A patient thanked Catherine Walker, Laboratory, for helping him with a problem.

A patient praised Amelia Thomas, Patient Financial Services (PFS), for “going the extra mile” and for being so helpful each and every time.

Dr. Shawn Chhabra, and staff, Ophthalmology, received positive comments from a patient concerning an issue and then having the prescription ready for pick up so quickly. “Your entire team is made up of miracle workers.”

Dr. Weyman Price and staff, Allergy, South, received a card from a patient thanking them for the time and effort given and going the extra mile in helping her out the way they did.

Dr. Adam Gant, Ophthalmology, received a card from a patient thanking him for giving her “new eyes” because the colors are much brighter and she can even read the small print now.

Dr. Faeza Kazmier, D.J. Nelson, ARNP-C, and Tasha Valdez, Plastic Surgery, Women’s Center, received an Edible Arrangement from a grateful patient for their special care.

A husband and wife sent a card to Elayne Hall who works with Dr. Gaines Hammond, Urology, stating, “It is people like you who make people like us feel really cared for.”

Brian Friend, ARNP-C, Endocrinology, received a letter of thanks from a patient for taking such good care of her and states he is the epitome of the Watson Clinic mission statement.

A patient called to compliment the service he received from Johanna Lundy, PFS, stating he had issues with his claim and she took the time to care by resolving his issue.

Appreciative patients praised Tiffany Cogland, Tiffany Frazier and Melissa Monasterio, Bartow, Reception, stating, “They are professional and at the same time very personable. Their people skills are the best — very friendly and patient with everyone who comes to the desk. These ladies go out of their way to assist people with extra needs and ensuring people get to their destinations — even watched one staff go so far as to get a wheelchair and an umbrella to push an elderly patient who had trouble ambulating to their car in the rain!”