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Recently received Patient Testimonials.

Patient Testimonials

Dr. Jeffrey Paffrath, along with Lauren Koehler and Thayreen Burgos-Roberts, Otolaryngology, Bella Vista Building (BVB), received praise from a patient stating she is appreciative of how they were never too busy to answer questions and how they all went above and beyond during a recent procedure.

A patient wrote to say she has been attending Diabetic group sessions with Gloria Willey and Rita Harrison, Diabetes Education, for the past three years and each are quite informative. She recently had several one-on-one sessions and states; “It is such a huge help to be able to contact them for help with diabetes. They have helped me and will continue to guide me on my way to better health.”

A patient called to thank Tracy Burns, Patient Financial Services (PFS), for taking the time to listen and provide the information he needed.

A shout out goes to Jim Suchenski, PFS, who received high praises from a husband/wife couple checking in as new patients stating he was extremely friendly and very professional.

A patient extended appreciation to Catherine Walker, Lab, and Jeanine Taylor, from the office of Dr. William Keeler, Family Medicine, Highlands, saying, “Thank you very much for your kindness and understanding when traffic held me up when traveling a great distance. I appreciate you very much for helping me after hours to make sure I got my prescription. Thank you, thank you!”

A patient called to compliment Urgent Care services, noting it was exceptional and added that it started from the time she went to check-in with the receptionists until she left the building. Every staff member she came into contact with, including Dr. Rajendra Sawh, was so friendly, professional and efficient, that she felt better just being there.

A patient was very appreciative of the wonderful care received from Dr. Kenneth Stroub and Carol George, Urgent Care. Both were kind and helpful and seemed truly interested in her well being even though they were busy with other patients during her recent visit.

Suzy Marteney, Clinical Support, received a thank you card and box of chocolates from an appreciative patient stating she is an “amazing organizer and I appreciate your hard work.”

A patient called to say Heather Morin and Donna Pauling, Reception, “were friendly, professional and efficient.”

A patient called stating she had a very good experience at the Women’s Center from beginning to end. “Everyone, especially Dr. Rachel Burke, Radiology, helped make the experience as pleasant as possible.”

A patient and his wife wrote a letter of appreciation to Dr. Michael Achinger, Nephrology, stating they recently moved away from the area, but during their years in Lakeland, they appreciated his careful attention to their needs.

Dr. Johnny Gibbs, Orthopaedics, received a letter from the parent of a patient thanking him for taking good care of his step-son. After treatment, he progressed nicely and has returned to his usual routine.

Dr. Faeza Kazmier, Plastic Surgery, Women’s Center, received a floral arrangement from a grateful patient to thank her for “everything.”

Dr. Kevin Browne, Cardiology, received a card from the Leadership Lakeland class thanking him for taking time to talk with them about the research Watson Clinic does in the medical field. They learned some “new and fascinating facts. Keep up the great work!”

The mother of a patient sent a card to Dr. Agustin Tavares, Internal Medicine, Watson Clinic South, thanking him for his patience in working with her son.

A patient called to compliment Dr. Johnny Gibbs, Orthopaedics, stating "He's a breath of fresh air – so affable and knowledgeable. I wish all my providers could be like him.”

A patient called to say that Dr. Osman Latif, Pain Management, is one of the most wonderful, caring doctors she has ever met. He is kind, gentle and truly cares about her and how she is doing. She is so happy to have him as her doctor.

A patient called noting that Dr. Geetha Krishnan, Internal Medicine, is by far the best doctor she has ever had. She is compassionate, attentive and listens. She has gotten her through some issues adding "I couldn't have done it without her! I hope she never retires!!”

Dr. Jarett Gregory and staff, Urgent Care, received praise from a patient who stated he had never received such great care as he had during his recent visit.

Lola Duran, with Dr. William Roth’s office, Dermatology, received praise from a patient thanking her for her kindness and patience.

Susan Denmark, from Dr. Agustin Tavares’ office, Internal Medicine, Watson Clinic South, received a card from a grateful patient thanking her for all she did for their family.

Dr. Jack Thigpen, General Surgery, received an Edible Arrangement along with a card from the daughter of a patient stating "you are a very special and talented man and your staff is amazing!”

A patient called to say Donna Wilkinson, Reception, was patient, pleasant and a perfect representation of Watson Clinic.

Joan Budd, Hearing Center, received flowers from a patient to thank her for help she gives him.

Michael Ward, CRM/Physical Therapy, received praises from a patient for treating her with dignity and compassion. She is now able to participate in enjoyable activities that she didn’t think she would ever be able to do again.

A patient noted that the Urgent Care staff is "way beyond good, they are caring, friendly and courteous, not to mention, professional." He said that meant everyone from reception to lab, to nurses, and he can't believe how "well oiled the Clinic is."

Kudos to Kim Hicks, Nurse Clinic, for going above and beyond by being kind and compassionate to a patient’s needs while helping to get her scheduled for an appointment.

A patient wrote to say how much she appreciated Jami Sharik, ARNP-C, Cardiology, for taking the time to “explain each and every aspect of the evaluation to me in language that I understood.” She also expressed her gratitude in how quickly the release was received by her provider’s office.

An appreciative patient sent a note to Katie Beard, Amanda Crisp, Trish Milling, Mellanie McConkey, Victoria Prebor and Autumn Webber, Cancer & Research Center (CRC) Reception Staff, saying, “Thanks so much for all that you do for the patients that come through your office! Be Blessed!”

Jessica Parada, with Dr. A. Nicole Sparks’ office, Highlands OB-GYN, received high praise from a patient stating she is helpful, courteous and cares about each patient. “She is a perfect example of customer service.”

A new patient is pleased with how nice and helpful Bonny Nadolni from Dr. Nicole Semaskvich’s office, Dermatology, was to her during her first visit with Watson Clinic.

A patient called to say Dr. Giovaninna De La Cruz, Urgent Care is “top notch", then went on to say "not only does she know her stuff, but she makes you feel as though you're a friend, not just a patient." She is tops in his book.

A patient stated Cindy Szczesny, Nuclear Medicine, was extremely professional, compassionate and kind during his encounter. She was sweet and friendly and helped make the process a breeze.

Kudos to Sandy Vander Heyden, Reception, for assisting a patient who had trouble with reading and writing. He will not forget her kindness.

A note was sent to Carla Fisher, Sandy Kyser, Bevin Mas and Jenniffer Tarantino, Reception, Bella Vista Building, from a patient. “Thanks to you all for your many courtesies over the past couple of years. On my arrival I was always greeted by your smiles…it made all the difference and I thank you sincerely.”

Dr. Eberto Pineiro, Neurology, received praises from a patient stating he “is the most wonderful doctor in the world” and notes he is professional, caring, listens well and truly values his patients. She hopes he knows how much he is appreciated.

Lola Duran, with Dr. William Roth’s office, Dermatology, received a card from a patient thanking her for a courtesy call and thanked her for her care and compassion.

Dr. Brian Hopper, and staff, OB-GYN, Highlands, received a card from a patient thanking them for being so caring and professional and went on to say she had the BEST care during her procedure.

A patient called to compliment Lynn Dalhover, PFS, on being such an absolute joy to work with adding she was “kind, patient and truly a pleasure!”

A patient wrote a letter to Stephanie Chancy, who works in Dr. Stephen Swengros’ office, Internal Medicine South, thanking her for “always helping me out, it is much appreciated”.

A patient stated that Nancy Ulm, Diabetic Education, is knowledgeable and a pure joy for being so helpful in getting her back on the right track.

Dr. Pranay Patel, Otolaryngology, BVB, received a card from a patient thanking him for his kindness, efficiency and unhurried manner and she appreciates these qualities very much.

The mother of a patient applauds Alice Brumbeloe with Dr. Robert Eanett’s office, Pediatrics South. She is prompt, efficient, communicates well and there is always a smile in her voice.

A patient sent a card to Dr. Nicholas Newsum, and Amber Folsom, Hand Surgery, thanking them for their kind and caring ways.

Dr. Ernesto Uy and Wendy Kells, Internal Medicine, received an “Extra Attitude of Gratitude,” for advising a patient and her family with their expertise.