Primary Care

Primary Care Physicians Now Available for Appointments

Watson Clinic is pleased to welcome three recent additions to our team of expert primary care specialists. These physicians currently offer open appointment availability. Kristina Hair, DO is a board-certified Family Medicine specialist at the Watson Clinic Bartow Building A location at 2250 Osprey Blvd., Suite 100 in Bartow. Dr. Hair earned her Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree from Lincoln Memorial Debusk College of Osteopathic Medicine in Harrogate, TN, and completed her Family Medicine r...

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When the flu becomes an emergency

For many of us, having a bad case of the flu can be a miserable experience. But sometimes the flu can be more than just an annoying sickness. It can be downright dangerous. How the flu can be severe Although it takes a few days to a week or two, most people recover from the flu, which is a viral respiratory infection. But some people develop severe and potentially life-threatening complications, like pneumonia. The flu can also lead to dehydration. And it can make other health problems a person ...

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How to cut back on salt

Salt gives many foods a boost of flavor, but there's a catch. Salt has sodium, which can contribute to high blood pressure—a major cause of heart disease and stroke. You can take steps to help keep your blood pressure down. The first step is to avoid salting foods when preparing or eating them. You'll also want to reduce your intake of sodium overall, most of which comes from other foods besides table salt. That doesn't mean settling for bland foods. Check out these tips: Add zing with her...

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Jumpstart the New Year

A new year brings new opportunities. For many, it's a chance to improve some aspect of our daily lives and perhaps discover a little more joy. Maybe starting fresh appeals to you. If so, here are some ideas you may be inspired to try. Declutter your space and your mind Like most people, you've accumulated stuff that no longer serves you or brings you joy. From unworn clothes to stacks of magazines, letting go of excess things does more than just tidy up your space. It may boost your mental well-...

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Blood Pressure and Your Brain

Stopping your blood pressure from climbing too high is one of the healthiest things you can do for many reasons—including that it may help lower your risk for having a stroke or developing dementia. Over time, untreated high blood pressure can damage blood vessels in the brain, making it more likely that they will: • Become narrowed and clogged, which reduces the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the brain. • Rupture or burst. Both of these changes to the blood vessels can lead to s...

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Why You Need Health Checkups

Do you typically only schedule an appointment with a primary care provider when you're sick? If so, you're missing out. That's because seeing your provider when you feel healthy is one of the best ways to actually stay healthy. Why? Because these visits are a chance for your provider to make sure you're up-to-date on your screening tests and vaccines. That matters because screening tests can help find diseases early —from diabetes to certain cancers— when they're often easier to tr...

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Screenings that could save your life

When it comes to setting your healthcare priorities, these screenings should be at the top of your list. That's because these tests can detect potential issues at their earliest stages when they are most treatable. You should ask your primary care provider about these screenings, and scheduling a regimen that works for you particular needs. Women Breast cancer. An annual mammogram should begin at age 40, or maybe even earlier depending upon individual risks and family history. Cervical cancer. P...

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Internal Medicine Q & A with Georgette D. Farmer, ARNP-C

Georgette D. Farmer, ARNP-C assists patients of internal medicine specialist Dr. Stephen Swengros from Watson Clinic Highlands at 2300 E. County Road 540A in south Lakeland. Working together, these highly experienced medical providers offer a range of general primary care services, preventative screenings, and fast and comforting treatments for sick visits. They also honor same day appointments for established patients when a minor illness or injury demands more immediate attention. This service...

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5 Things Every College Student Should Know

Soon it will be the time of year when kids are heading off to college. Even before they hit the books, though, there are lessons to be learned. Here are five things to teach your college student before he or she leaves home: 1 . Get help for depression . Starting college is exciting, but some kids may get homesick, struggle to make friends and face difficult classwork. Remind your son or daughter that it's common to feel down occasionally. But if those feelings are ongoing or make it hard to fun...

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Stay Safe and Healthy at Work

Every good reason to work—pride, passion, camaraderie, money, personal growth—also is a great reason to keep yourself healthy and safe on the job. Here are 5 tried-and-true ways to reduce your risk of common workplace injuries and illnesses: 1. Fight colds and the flu. To help stop the spread of germs at work: • Sneeze and cough into a tissue; then throw the tissue away. • Wash your hands often, or use gel or disposable wipes that sanitize the hands. • ...

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A Good Laugh is Good Medicine

Did you hear the story about the fake noodles? Apparently, they were im-pastas. Hopefully, you just chuckled a bit—even if you did roll your eyes! If so, you may have done your health a favor. Research suggests that laughter is good for you. It may improve blood flow to the heart, boost your immune system and trigger the release of feel-good chemicals that can temporarily relieve pain. A hearty laugh can lessen physical tension and stress, and gentle humor can often help defuse a ten...

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