Sleep Medicine

The importance of sleep

Are you getting enough sleep every night? Chances are the answer is no. Many of us don't get the sleep that we need, and that is a problem. Sleep is essential to our health, and a lack of sleep can hurt us. The average adult should sleep seven to eight hours per night. Not getting enough sleep has been linked to diabetes, heart disease, obesity and depression. Research suggests improving the amount and quality of our sleep can help decrease our risk for these and other serious health problems. T...

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Is a good night's sleep merely a dream?

Sleep is essential to your physical and mental health, helping your body repair itself and your brain process memories of the day's events. And considering you spend up to a third of your life sleeping, that slumber time should count! Below, we bust some sleep myths to pave the way for ultimate snoozing. Myth: Naps can make up for lost sleep. Fact: A siesta is reenergizing, but it can't replace a good night's sleep, because a nap doesn't move you through the essential stages of sleep you get wit...

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