Watson Clinic Foundation



Since 1960, the Watson Clinic Foundation has worked to improve health awareness and the quality of medical care throughout our community. The Foundation’s special programs and outreach efforts have impacted countless lives across the state of Florida and beyond.
All of these programs would not be possible without the generous financial support of compassionate individuals and local businesses, who have given so much to improve the lives of their fellow citizens.

This website is designed to inform you of just a few of the Watson Clinic Foundation programs that change the lives of many every day. You can ensure a healthier future for yourself, your family, and others within our community and by offering your support to these efforts.

For more information on these and many additional diverse programs spearheaded by the Watson Clinic Foundation, and to find out how you can make a difference in your community, please call 863-904-2656.  
Richard Cardosi, MD
President of the Foundation
As a practicing physician and cancer specialist, I am often witness to the hardships that patients endure when it comes to their health. Sadly, many challenges may have been avoided had patients been properly informed on preventative health measures, or received valuable screenings to help detect common diseases in their earliest stages.

For these reasons and so many others, I am particularly honored to serve as President of The Watson Clinic Foundation, Inc. The Foundation’s efforts serve those in need, as well as providing support for advancements in medical research, educational opportunities for healthcare professionals, and outreach education to promote improved health and disease outcomes for our community.

Joining me at the helm of the Watson Clinic Foundation is a dedicated team of board members representing the medical, corporate and individual sectors of our community who work together to review an array of opportunities designed to benefit our community by working with both nationally recognized organizations as well as local philanthropic enterprises.

Of course, none of the Foundation’s accomplishments would be possible without generous support from people like you. With your help, we can make a difference. Please consider joining us in our mission to build a healthier community.

A donation to Watson Clinic Foundation is an investment that not only improves the wellness of our community, but ultimately holds the potential to affect change that can only be accomplished by combining our efforts and resources.