Executive Wellness Program

Monday - Friday: 8 am - 5 pm

Phone: 863-680-7716

Start your management personnel on a healthier and more productive work style by contacting our program coordinator at: 863-680-7716.
All appointments for physicals, lab tests, and other ancillary tests will be arranged for you. Executives receive VIP treatment to ensure prompt, comprehensive care with minimal time away from work.
INTRODUCTION — Maintaining good health is essential to achieving peak performance. That’s why the services offered by Watson Clinic’s Executive Wellness Program have been a smart investment for thriving companies in our region since 1987. With a focus on prevention, the program enables employers to provide convenient and thorough health evaluations for their busy executives. Each evaluation is supported by a team of expert medical providers and support staff, as well as the most advanced screening technologies and diagnostic capabilities. Your executives will receive preferential treatment from the moment they arrive. The annual exam begins with comprehensive laboratory and radiology testing. After a complimentary light breakfast in the Executive Lounge, one of our board-certified physicians will perform a medical evaluation, followed by a consultation discussing the results and ongoing management of any existing medical conditions. The executives will receive customized recommendations based on their specific needs, providing important tactics for prevention of future illness. When additional attention is needed for a specific health issue, a consultation can be arranged with another member of our physician team from any one of more than 40 medical specialties. A comprehensive cardiovascular exam is also available as a compliment to the basic program.
AMENITIES — Executive Wellness Program members enjoy exclusive access to the Executive Lounge at Watson Clinic’s Main Campus. This comfortable, quiet, and professional environment provides all the resources necessary to complete remote work tasks
PREMIER MEDICAL FACILITIES — Watson Clinic has experienced phenomenal growth since our inception in 1941. For over 80 years, the Clinic has built a reputation for excellence that extends far beyond the boundaries of our community. Offering over 200 physicians, 40 medical and surgical specialties, and 18 convenient locations, Watson Clinic can meet virtually every healthcare need you may experience in your lifetime. As the central hub of our operations, our sprawling Main Campus in Lakeland is the ideal setting for executives who are looking for healthcare screenings, diagnostic and treatment services that work on their busy schedule.
SUPERIOR HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS — Watson Clinic’s expert team of board-certified physicians and highly skilled medical providers are renowned throughout our community and beyond. Empowered by the most advanced technologies, they work in concert to provide accurate and personalized care to every patient.
CONVENIENCE — Watson Clinic is conveniently located near Interstate 4, exit 33. If needed, access to subspecialists at the Main Campus ensures the most efficient use of the executive’s schedule.
FINANCIAL ISSUES — A company account is established and is billed directly for payment of services provided. A 10% discount will be applied to all accounts with ten or more executives enrolled. Executives requesting additional tests not included in their company protocol may be responsible for those charges not covered by their own medical insurance.
ENROLLING YOUR EXECUTIVE — To start your management personnel on a healthier and more productive course, contact our program coordinator at 863-680-7716. Based on protocol selected by your company, all appointments for physicals, lab tests, and other ancillary tests will be arranged for you. A thorough cardiovascular exam is available upon request and may be personalized to meet your specific needs. Your executives receive V.I.P. treatment to ensure prompt, comprehensive care with minimal time away from work.
Executive Wellness Examination (Basic Exam):
Physical exam Annually
Complete metabolic panel Annually
Complete blood count Annually
Iron Annually
Lipid profile Annually
TSH Annually
Urinalysis Annually
PSA Annually starting at age 40 for men
Electrocardiogram Based on protocol
PA and lateral chest x-ray Annually
Other Important Tests That Can Be Added for Additional Fee:
PAP Annually for women
Mammogram Annually after age 40 for women
Bone density screening Age 50 for women or postmenopause, whichever comes first (every 2 years)
Treadmill Physician's discretion
CT lung screening Smokers over age 50
CT coronary screening Physician's recommendation
Eye examination Annually which includes glaucoma and screening for diabetic retinopathy
Nutrition counseling Patient's request
Pulmonary function test Annually for smokers, every 5 years for non-smokers
Hemoccult Annually starting at age 40
Colonoscopy Start at age 50, follow-up screening determined by physician
Sedimentation rate Annually
Tetanus booster Every 10 years for adults
Influenza vaccine Annually
Pneumococcal vaccine Once at age 65
Hepatitis B vaccine series Physician/patient discretion
COVID vaccine and booster Per CDC protocol