Executive Wellness Program

Monday - Friday: 8 am - 5 pm

Phone: 863-680-7716

Start your management personnel on a healthier and more productive work style by contacting our program coordinator at: 863-680-7716.
All appointments for physicals, lab tests, and other ancillary tests will be arranged for you. Executives receive VIP treatment to ensure prompt, comprehensive care with minimal time away from work.
Executive Physicals 
Watson Clinic’s Executive Physical Program enables employers to provide convenient, thorough, preventative evaluations for their busy executives. The program has been providing the highest level of service and diagnostic capabilities to address corporate healthcare needs since 1987. The Executive Physical Program is an important benefit to ensure your key executives remain healthy in order to maintain high levels of job performance. Many companies participating in the program agree it is a "smart investment".
With a focus on prevention, Watson Clinic maintains the most current technological advances to assist in screening measures and in diagnosis when needed.
During a visit for an annual exam your executive receives preferential treatment, making the best use of his/her time. Upon arrival, the executive is greeted and promptly escorted by an attendant to the testing areas beginning with the laboratory and radiology. After a complimentary light breakfast in the Executive Lounge, the physician performs a medical evaluation, followed by a consultation discussing the results and ongoing management of any existing medical conditions. In addition, customized recommendations for health improvement will be discussed with the executive, providing important tactics for prevention for future illnesses. Upon request, a consultation with one of the Clinic’s many Board certified specialists may be arranged to provide additional attention to a specific health issue. A complete written report will be mailed to the executive.
For added comfort and convenience, Watson Clinic provides Executive Physical Program members access to the Executive Lounge at the Main Campus. With a quiet, professional atmosphere, the Executive Lounge is a place where executives can tend to business matters with access to phones, a fax machine, PCs with Internet access, or just relax between portions of the physical.
Premier Medical Facilities 
Since its inception, Watson Clinic has experienced phenomenal growth. In 1941, the Clinic established itself in the peaceful community of Lakeland, Florida, as a multi-specialty healthcare practice. Today, with over 180 providers in 36 specialties, Watson Clinic can meet virtually every healthcare need you may ever have. And by offering many diagnostic and treatment services at its sprawling Main Campus, the Clinic caters to patients with busy schedules.
Superior Healthcare Providers 
Watson Clinic maintains the highest standard for its healthcare professionals. The Clinic consists of dynamic physicians who have demonstrated exceptional skills and the ability to solve health problems creatively by combining traditional knowledge and technological advances.
Watson Clinic is conveniently located near Interstate 4, exit 33. If needed, access to subspecialists at the Main Campus ensures the most efficient use of the executive’s schedule.
Financial Issues 
A company account is established and is billed directly for payment services provided. A 10% discount will be applied to all new accounts with 10 or more executives enrolled. Additional tests not included in the company protocol are filed to the medical insurance.
Individuals may also take advantage of this VIP service and get an Executive Physical by calling the office to arrange an appointment. Individuals are billed directly for all services provided.
Enrolling Your Executive 
To start your management personnel on a healthier and more productive lifestyle, contact our program coordinator at (863) 680-7716. All appointments for physicals, lab tests, and other ancillary tests will be arranged for you. Executives receive VIP treatment to ensure prompt, comprehensive care with minimal time away from work.
 Executive Physical
Physical exam Annually
Executive profile Annually
Complete blood count Annually
Sedimentation rate Annually
Urinalysis Annually
Electrocardiogram Annually starting at age 30
PA and lateral chest x-ray Annually for smokers, non-smokers, every 5 years
Pulmonary function test Annually for smokers, non-smokers, every 5 years
Hemoccult Annually starting at age 40
PSA (men) Annually starting at age 50
PAP (women) Annually
Mammogram (women) Annually after age 40
Bone density screening (women) Age 50 or menopause, whichever comes first
Treadmill Physician’s discretion
Colonoscopy Starting at age 50, follow-up screenings at physicians discretion
CT lung screening Smokers over age 50
CT coronary screening Physician’s recommendation
Audio screening Patient’s request
Eye examination Patient’s request
Nutrition counseling
Patient’s request
Tetanus booster Every 10 years for adults
Influenza vaccine Annually for high risk adults
Pneumoccocal vaccine Once at age 65
Hepatitis B vaccine series Physician/patient discretion