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Watson Clinic is proud of their role in treating more breast cancer patients than any other medical establishment in the Polk County area. Components of our Breast Health Services include an accredited Women’s Center for digital and 3D mammography and breast screening, as well as consultation for breast, plastic and reconstructive surgery services, complimented by our other accredited partner sites, Watson Clinic LLP (AAAHC-accredited, ACR-accredited radiology department) and the Cancer Center (ACS, CoC-accredited).

From Suite A of the Women’s Center, patients benefit from advanced digital mammography technologies, supervised and read by dedicated breast imagers with fellowship training and expertise in mammography, breast ultrasound.  MRI and MRI-guided biopsy is available through Watson Clinic’s radiology department.  Suite B of the Women’s Center offers breast surgery consultation and plastic surgery services -- often working in concert to provide patients with immediate reconstruction and oncoplastic techniques.

Breast-specific nurse navigators guide patients through all phases of care – from diagnosis to intervention and through survivorship. Dedicated oncologists use the most advanced chemotherapy and radiation technologies available. Onsite social workers are available as needed. Patient participation in clinical trials is encouraged with eligibility discussed at a weekly multidisciplinary breast conference.  Access to comprehensive rehabilitation and survivorship programs is provided for the physical and emotional needs of patients, including cancer survivor support groups, outreach events, nutrition counseling and exercise programs. 

Watson Clinic's Breast Health Services, inclusive of the Women’s Center, the Main Clinic and the Cancer Center, is proud to inspire heightened breast health awareness and a better quality of life for women throughout central Florida.

Digital Mammography3D Mammography
The Watson Clinic Women's Center provides a full range of mammography services provided by mammography-certified technologists and fellowship-trained mammographers/radiologists.
In addition to digital mammography, 3D mammography (breast tomosynthesisis) is available at the Watson Clinic Women's Center and Watson Clinic Highlands. This technology snaps a series of sharp images around the circumference of the breast, and allows our breast-specific radiologists to reconstruct and superimpose the breast tissue images in 1 mm layers, effectively creating a 3D view of tissue structures. This technique enhances mammography findings, and reduces the necessity of callbacks for a false positive diagnosis, understandably accompanied by undue patient anxiety.

The new 3D mammogram technology is available at the Women’s Center location on 1400 Lakeland Hills Boulevard in Lakeland and Highlands location on 2300 E. County Road 540A in Lakeland, and complements their existing digital mammography equipment at that facility. Diagnostic mammography is performed at the Women's Center - Suite A, as well as stereotactic biopsy, U/S guided biopsy and needle localizations.
The healthcare professionals that make up the Women's Center staff clearly define the high standards of our center. We are proud to have fellowship trained MQSA mammographers who have completed specialization training in breast imaging. All of our technologists are mammography registered reflecting our commitment to quality care. We have raised the benchmark of excellence in breast care by providing you with the area's most qualified physicians and staff. Their superior level of training and experience gives them the expertise you deserve which is exactly what you should expect of your healthcare partner.

Direct scheduling for screening mammogram appointments is now available online through your MyChart patient portal account. For appointments made at Watson Clinic Women's Center, SAME DAY RESULTS are available to patients who request them. Otherwise, the results will be posted onto MyChart or delivered in a mailed letter once they are available.

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Why Mammograms Save Lives
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Why Have a Mammogram?  
Regular screenings are the primary means of early detection. Early detection and knowledge about your breast is the best defense you have against breast cancer. We are proud to provide the greatest potential for individualized care through a multi-disciplinary approach - a comprehensive team of specialists who review your results and draw upon the skill of many disciplines to provide the best possible care. You can count on our mammography team to be your source of continuing education and awareness.
Preparing for your Mammogram  
For your convenience, please wear a two-piece outfit so only the top has to be removed. On the day of your appointment please do not use powder, lotion, perfume and deodorant as these products could interfere with the quality of the mammogram. If you have had mammograms elsewhere, please remember to bring them with you for comparison. In order to obtain the highest quality mammogram, firm compression of the breast is necessary and can be uncomfortable. Here are some steps that you can take to improve your mammogram experience:
  • Stop caffeine two weeks prior to your mammogram
  • Try to schedule/have your mammogram on a day in the month that your breasts are least sensitive
  • Take an analgesic 1-2 hours prior to your mammogram
Understand that producing the best quality mammogram gives you the best chance at early breast cancer detection. Remember, “We compress because we care!”


Early Detection Guidelines  
Woman ages 20-39 should have a clinical breast exam by a health professional every three years in addition to their monthly breast self-exams.
Woman ages 40 and over should have a mammogram done annually along with a yearly clinical breast exam by a health professional and monthly breast self-exams.
State-of-the-Art Technologies  
Advanced technology is the cornerstone of our progressive program.
A mammogram is a low dose X-ray of the breast.
Screening Mammogram  
Looks for breast disease in women with no breast problems. This exam usually involves two views of each breast.
CAD (Computer-Aided Detection)  
A sophisticated digitizer and computer that scans the mammogram and marks potential areas of concern.
Diagnostic Mammogram  
Looks for breast disease in women who have symptoms such as a breast lump, breast pain, nipple discharge or history of breast cancer.
Additional Views  
The majority of patients who have extra views do not have a serious problem. Often taking additional images with the breast tissue seen from a different angle will help determine if the area is truly one of concern or a normal appearance.
Procedure in which sound waves are used to produce a picture. Ultrasound can be helpful determining if a mass seen on a mammogram is solid or cystic (fluid filled).
Cyst Aspiration 
The insertion of a small needle to drain fluid from the cyst which is usually benign.
The removal of small fragments of breast tissue through a needle. Biopsies can be performed by ultrasound, mammographic (stereotactic) guidance depending on the appearance or location of the area of concern, or MRI guided breast biopsy.

Upright Breast Biopsy
With the Affirm Breast Biopsy Guidance System®, available at the Watson Clinic Women's Center, patients now have the option of a 3D breast biopsy in a seated, upright position. This allows patients greatly improved comfort without sacrificing precision. This technology is the only one available in Polk County.
The breast MRI uses a magnetic field, instead of radiation to do breast imaging. This specialized test can be used to evaluate breast abnormalities first seen on a mammogram, breast implant integrity, or extent of disease. Under certain circumstances biopsies under MRI guidance can be performed.
Needle Localization 
The use of a guide wire placed in your breast before surgery to locate the area of concern that cannot be felt or may be hard to locate. A mammogram or ultrasound is used to direct the wire’s placement.
For your convenience, digital mammography is also performed at the Watson Clinic Highlands office located at 2300 E. County Rd. 540A in Lakeland.
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