5 Tips for Happier Holidays

This year, give yourself the best holiday gift ever: more merry, magical moments and fewer frazzled ones. Here are five ways to make this year's celebrations high on joy and low on stress—and help you keep the happy in the holidays. 1. Ratchet down those expectations. Chasing after picture-perfect get-togethers can create the perfect storm of stress. It's OK really! if your guests arrive while you're still setting the table, if you burn the carrots or if the sweater you bought for your fav...

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5 heart-healthy changes you can make today

Improving your heart's health may seem like a big project, but even small changes in your daily habits can make a difference. Here are five simple steps you can get started on right away. 1. Bring a piece of fruit to work. Eating more fruits and veggies is a heart-healthy choice. Plus many fruits are portable think apples, oranges and bananas , which makes them an easy snack option. When hunger hits, having a piece of fruit at your work area will help you avoid less-healthy options from the vend...

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How to prevent cervical cancer

Here's something every woman should know about cervical cancer: It's almost always preventable. Cervical cancer is rare in women who are regularly screened for it. And there's a vaccine that protects against its most common cause, the human papillomavirus HPV . Most cervical cancers start with precancerous changes that gradually turn into cancer. Screening can find these abnormal changes, which doctors can then treat. That stops cancer from ever developing. Screening always includes the Pap test...

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Get Answers to Your Diabetes Questions

Diabetes is a demanding disease—living with it isn't always easy. You may have a lot on your plate every day and a lot on your mind sometimes. Checking blood sugar, taking medication, watching what you eat and other diabetes-related tasks can sap your energy. Worry and frustration over things like glucose numbers or complications may take an emotional toll. All of the stress, strain and fatigue that comes with managing the disease may sometimes lead to what's often called diabetes distress...

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Give Your Child the Gift of a Positive Body Image

If you're the parent of a young child, you might think you don't have to worry about body image messages until your child nears their teen years, but experts say even children as young as 3 years old can worry about their size and weight. So how can you help your child—girl or boy—feel good about their body at any age? Pay close attention to the messages you either intentionally—or unintentionally—share with your child. Check out these examples of do's and don'ts. DO DON'...

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