Understanding Parkinson's Disease

Close to a million people are living with Parkinson’s disease in the United States. Many aspects of this degenerative movement disorder remain a mystery, and a cure has not yet been found. Yet there are a series of medications and treatments available that work to minimize its potentially debilitating symptoms. Parkinson’s is characterized by the loss of important nerve cells in the brain. These cells produce dopamine, which is a chemical that helps to control movement and coordinati...

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Understanding Head and Neck Cancers

Cancers that afflict the head and neck region impact over 65,000 people a year in the United States. The vast majority of these patients are men who are above the age of 50. These cancers can occur in the oral cavity, pharynx, larynx, sinus cavity, salivary glands and other areas in the head and neck region. The two most common risk factors for head and neck cancers especially those that impact the oral cavity are alcohol and tobacco use, including cigarettes and chewing tobacco. These account f...

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Leading in Women’s Health

Women face health challenges throughout their lives that are unique to them. At Watson Clinic, our specialists have long made strides to advance the cause of women’s health. Gynecologic oncologist Dr. Richard Cardosi was the first surgeon in Polk County to perform a robotic-assisted hysterectomy using a single-site incision. Since it opened in 2006, our Women’s Center has set the standard for early detection and breast cancer treatment, offering powerful 3D mammography capab...

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Calling all Bakers

Go ahead. Have your cake and eat it too—without guilt. Baked goodies do have a place in a healthy diet. That's if you sneak in these tweaks for better-for-you treats. Don’t worry - you won't be sacrificing flavor. 1. Get stingy with sugar. Try reducing the amount of sugar in a recipe by one-quarter to one-third. Chances are, you won't notice the difference. 2. Make over muffins and quick breads. You can usually cut saturated fat and calories by trading applesauce for the oil in recip...

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Achy legs? It could be PAD

Do your legs cramp, particularly when you walk or exercise? Does that pain go away when you rest? Unexplained leg pain like this is the most common symptom of peripheral artery disease PAD . It's a circulatory problem in which arteries clogged with plaque reduce blood flow to your extremities, usually your legs. More than 8.5 million US adults 40 and older have PAD, but many don't know it. Other possible signs and symptoms of the disease include: • Slow-healing sores on your toes, feet or ...

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