Robotic Surgery

What to know about robotic surgery

If your doctor has recommended that you have robotic surgery, you're hardly alone. This high-tech procedure is now being used for surgeries as diverse as hysterectomies, hip replacements and heart surgeries. But what is it exactly? Or perhaps more pertinently, what is it not, since its name suggests that robots perform the surgery? That's wrong—doctors do. And that is just one important fact to know about robotic surgery. Here are some more. During robotically assisted surgery, the surgeon...

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Is That Bulge a Hernia?

RSVP now for Is That Bulge a Hernia? , an upcoming lecture hosted by board-certified general surgeon Dr. Anthony Zappia . During this free community event, Dr. Zappia will discuss the signs and symptoms of hernias, and the minimally invasive robotic procedure that results in smaller incisions and faster recoveries than ever before. Attendees will also receive a free hernia screening during the event. The lecture takes place on Thursday, May 10 at 6 pm from Watson Clinic Highlands at 2300 E. Coun...

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