Nurse Navigators

The journey to cancer survivorship can be paved with overwhelming challenges. That’s why Watson Clinic Cancer Center and Watson Clinic Women’s Center offer the comforting and knowledgeable guidance of highly trained nurse navigators to help counsel and assist patients through every step of the process – from diagnosis through treatment to survivorship and follow-up care.

Patient testimonial: “I could not have gone through treatment without our nurse navigator. She organized everything and made sure I had everything I needed.  I owe her my life.”

Watson Clinic’s nurse navigators provide vital educational, emotional and practical support through every step of a cancer patient’s journey. These services include: 
  • Keeping the patient informed and prepared for each stage of their treatment.
  • Ensuring a smooth continuity of care between the various specialists who may contribute to the patient’s care, including surgeons, radiation therapists, chemotherapy specialists, and primary care physicians.
  • Informing the patient of the many support resources available to them
  • Remaining available to address any questions or concerns along the way.

Perhaps most importantly, the nurse navigator offers comforting support to the patient and their family members during this difficult time in their lives. Their compassionate guidance ensures a stronger peace of mind, which in turn results in more effective treatment outcomes.

Patient testimonial: “Our nurse navigator was exceptional!  My wife and I found her to be indispensable as we navigated through the treatment process.  Her words of encouragement and her professionalism have made the difference.”

The team of navigators includes nurses who specialize in general cancer care at the Cancer Center and nurses who specialize in breast imaging and breast cancer at the Watson Clinic Women’s Center.