Family Medicine

Featuring a team of more than four dozen specialists practicing from seven convenient locations, Watson Clinic’s family medicine and internal medicine departments provide essential healthcare services to generations of patients throughout our community.

Specialists from both departments are often referred to as primary care physicians. A primary care physician provides continuous care throughout a patient’s life, with a deep interest in preventative medicine. By having patients complete specific screening tests, such as those for blood pressure, cholesterol and various forms of cancer, physicians hope to diagnose and treat patients at an earlier stage, thus helping to prevent other significant disease complications. In addition, primary care physicians offer a wealth of treatments for common ailments and injuries, and provide referrals to outside specialists when additional expertise is needed. These physicians serve a critical role as the patient’s most trusted healthcare partner.

Our family medicine specialists treat patients of all ages – from children ages 2 and up to the elderly – and each are skilled in practicing the entire breadth of medicine. They focus on disease prevention, general wellness promotion and the ongoing treatment of chronic conditions. Family medicine services are offered from our Main Clinic, Bartow, Lakeland HighlandsSouth and two XpressCare locations.

These specialists have recently expanded their appointment availability to meet the needs of patients who require immediate care. If a patient requires prompt medical attention for a minor illness or injury, and they already have an established primary care physician, it is recommended that they call their physician’s office to check same or next day appointment availability.
For more information or to schedule an appointment with our family medicine department, please call 863-680-7190.
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Please call 863-680-7190 for additional information.