Allergists Offer Reliable Penicillin Testing

Ninety-three years ago, the medical landscape underwent a seismic shift with the invention of penicillin. In the years since, these antibacterial medications have treated infections with great success and saved the lives of countless millions. Approximately 10% of patients have a reported allergy to penicillin. But studies have shown that the vast majority of these patients – as many as 90% - have been misdiagnosed with a true penicillin allergy. In fact, unbeknownst to many patients, thes...

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Understanding Hay Fever

You're sneezing and coughing. And your eyes are watery, red and itchy. Then there's that runny, stuffy nose. Maybe you remember having the same miserable symptoms last year when the seasons changed. What gives? You may have seasonal allergies—or what's commonly called hay fever. If you do have hay fever, it doesn't necessarily mean you're allergic to hay. The culprit could just as easily be a tree. That's because a variety of airborne pollens can set off allergy symptoms, depending on your...

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Insect Allergies: When to Get Tested

Questions over potentially fatal allergic reactions persist following the recent death of a Tampa father within an hour of being stung by a swarm of yellow jackets. Unaware of his existing allergy to bee stings, the man was ill-prepared to combat against the devastating effects of their attack, which included severe pain, anaphylaxis and death. While allergy-related fatalities from bee stings only occur around 50 times per year in the United States, it’s important for everyone to recognize...

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