Walking: A simple, easy exercise

Want an easy way to help improve your health? Make walking part of your routine. Simply putting one foot in front of the other can have surprising health benefits. Among its many benefits, walking can lower blood pressure and cholesterol, potentially reducing the risk of heart disease. It can help keep your muscles and bones strong and help you maintain your sense of balance, which is especially important as you get older. And walking can produce endorphins, feel-good chemicals that can boost yo...

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Fall Into Fitness

The cooler autumn weather is an invitation to get outside and get moving, with plenty of benefits. Along with building strength, stamina and physical health, exercising outdoors can improve your mood and enhance your self-esteem. Just seeing the colors of nature and seeing or hearing birds makes you feel better, even if you have depression. Plus, it doesn't have to cost much. To get started, all you need is time and a pair of comfortable shoes. You also have plenty of room unlike a crowded gym ....

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Don't take a holiday from exercise

When the holiday rush is in full gear, there's plenty to do—from attending gatherings to tracking down last-minute gifts. No wonder you might struggle to stick to your exercise regimen, like a lot of us do this time of year. These suggestions may help keep you moving from turkey day through the new year: Turn mall shopping into mall walking. When you head to the shopping center, bring your gift list—and your walking shoes. Try walking briskly from store to store. Get in a mini workou...

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Ways to Stay Fit at Home

Do you have questions related to starting, increasing or maintaining your current level of exercise? Be sure to ask your doctor during your next visit! Just a little bit of exercise every day can help improve your health. With some creative thinking, it's easy to get a workout in—even without expensive gym memberships or home fitness equipment. Here are some fun ways to move more, all from the comfort of your own home. Start with the basics. Some good shoes and a bottle of water are just a...

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