Monday - Friday: 9 am - 5:30 pm

Phone: 863-680-7235

Watson Clinic’s in-house pharmacy is perfect for patients who want to avoid the long wait typically associated with outside pharmacies in order to fill their prescription medications, as well as to conveniently purchase over-the-counter medications following a doctor's visit. 

Located on the 1W floor of the Main Clinic, the Watson Clinic Pharmacy can fill most prescriptions within 5 - 15 minutes, accepts most major insurance co-pays, and offers competitive pricing on a wide assortment of both name brand and generic drugs.

The Watson Clinic Pharmacy is particularly convenient to patients who receive a prescription from their physician while at the Main Clinic, or the nearby Bella Vista Building, Cancer Center and North Pediatrics locations, allowing for a hassle-free, “one-stop shopping” healthcare experience.

Refills can be attained easily by ordering in person and via our prescription refill request form.

In addition to medications, the Pharmacy offers a variety of in-store items including a full line of greeting cards, snacks, drinks and various medical over-the-counter items such as medications and blood pressure cuffs.
If you need prescription assistance, visit the website, which will provide you with the information needed to apply for financial assistance. Click here for a more information.