Watson Clinic Center for Rehabilitative Medicine
1430 Lakeland Hills Blvd.
Lakeland, FL 33805

Monday - Friday: 7 am - 6 pm

Phone: 863-680-7700

The Center for Rehabilitative Medicine is housed on the second floor of the Watson Clinic Professional Center (WCPC) on Lakeland Hills Boulevard, the Center for Rehabilitative Medicine offers a full roster of physical and occupational therapy services delivered by a team of highly experienced and licensed specialists.

Physical therapists provide services that assist with the restoration of mobility and ease of movement, pain reduction, and teach skills that promote a healthy and active physical wellbeing - all valuable services when recovering from or learning how to avoid injury.

Occupational therapists often work towards helping patients make the most of their work in the face of physical impairment. They dedicate themselves to making the patient’s daily living situations (bathing, dressing, housing, equipment) more compatible with their disability. Occupational therapists also strive to improve a patient’s motor, behavioral, cognitive and speech skills. An important component of occupational therapy includes highly-skilled hand therapy services provided by a board-certified hand therapist.

Watson Clinic’s Center for Rehabilitative Medicine treats a variety of disorders, including:

  1. Neurologic cases - strokes, Parkinson’s
  2. Orthopaedic Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine
  3. Vestibular Rehab (nervous system & balance disorders)
  4. Lymphedema (limb swelling)
  5. Wound Care
  6. Neck/Back Pain
  7. Osteoporosis
  8. Sports Injuries
  9. Post-Operative Surgical Rehabilitation
  10. Hand Therapy

The department features a team of board-certified specialists in orthopaedics, lymphedema, manual therapy, wound care and hand therapy. Their close collaboration with our oncologists, hand surgeons, orthopaedic surgeons, and additional specialists ensure a smooth continuity of care for established Watson Clinic patients.

Each patient at Watson Clinic’s Center for Rehabilitative Medicine is treated every step of the way by a licensed therapist.

Expanded weekday hours provide an added convenience by making therapy sessions less likely to interfere with a patient’s work schedule.

The department also offers their very own insurance verification personnel who work directly with the patient’s insurance company, communicating out of pocket expenses and verifying co-pays in advance of the therapy session.

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