Medication safety tips for babies

Giving medicine to babies can be tricky. Medicine you think can help your baby could actually hurt your little one if you give a drug that isn't appropriate for infants or accidentally give the wrong dose. Here's how to help keep your baby safe: Get an OK. Always check with your child's doctor before giving your baby any medicine. That includes over-the-counter ones—some may not be safe for babies. Even though you can buy a medicine at a grocery store or drugstore, that doesn't mean it's h...

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Start Your Kids on a Heart-Healthy Path

You're there to help your children with their homework, and you remind them to brush their teeth. But have you helped them do something good for their hearts lately? You may think that only grown-ups need to be concerned about having a healthy heart. But it's never too early to start establishing a heart-healthy lifestyle for your children too. Here's why: Even though kids rarely get heart disease, the process leading to adult heart disease—the gradual buildup of fat, cholesterol and other...

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Bye, Bye Bedwetting

If you recently got up in the middle of the night to change some soggy sheets because your child wet the bed, it may help to know that plenty of other moms and dads are doing the same thing. Most children are toilet trained between 2 and 4 years old. But some don't stay dry at night until they get older. For instance, about 20 percent of 5-year-olds wet their beds, reports the American Academy of Pediatrics AAP . And some kids still have accidents at age 7 or older. Wet sheets aren't your child'...

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Standing Up to Bullying

It’s a phenomenon that seems to be more prevalent than ever. Bullying can prove emotionally and physically destructive to our children, and deserves attention from school administrators, teachers and parents. Name-calling, punching and teasing still remain incredibly hurtful. But in this digital age, bullying can take a variety of other forms – from aggressive text messages to insulting photos posted on the web. You want your child to enjoy their school years, and make the most of th...

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Packing the Perfect School Lunch

If you prepare your child’s school lunch, you want it to include the healthy nutrients they need to promote energy and mental stamina, but you also want to give them something fun, tasty and enjoyable. This can be a particular challenge if your child is a picky eater. Here are a few tips that may come in handy when you prepare your child’s next lunchbox: Get their input. Sit down with your child and ask them what they like to eat. Make a list of items the two of you can agree upon &#...

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Back to School the Healthy Way

You’ve purchased the pencils and notebooks, met the teachers, and completed your checklist of preparations for another productive school year. But have you scheduled an appointment with your child’s pediatrician? The back to school season is an ideal opportunity to make sure your child is healthy enough to perform at their best. Many parents choose to schedule their child’s annual check-up during this time. In fact, these exams are required for many children who participate in ...

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Finding the Right Backpack

It’s more important than you might think. An improperly stuffed and worn backpack can do damage to your child’s neck, arm, joints, and back. But you can lighten their load by taking these steps: Keep the backpack to under10% of your child’s body weight. If there’s no way around a heavy backpack, consider placing it on rollers so you child can carry it more freely through their school campus. The heaviest items in your child’s backpack should be placed closest to the...

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Inhaling Water: The Dangers for Kids

You may have heard of something called dry drowning or delayed drowning. While those aren't actual medical terms, they do describe an event that can be both unexpected and deadly - especially to kids, who are at high risk of drowning. Here are five things you need to know about dry drowning: 1. This type of drowning can happen when even a small amount of water gets into a child's lungs. It can happen while a child is swimming, playing in shallow water or, even sometimes, taking a bath. 2. The wa...

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How to Childproof Your Home

When it comes to the safety of your most special houseguests—your grandchildren—you can't be too cautious. So before their next visit, check out these tips for childproofing your home and ridding it of hidden hazards that might seriously injure babies or young kids. Hide temptation. Naturally curious little ones will put almost anything into their mouths. Keep potential poisons such as medicine, household cleaners and rubbing alcohol out of reach—and, ideally, in a locked c...

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