Pacemaker Clinic

Monday - Friday: 8 am - 4:30 pm

Phone: 863-680-7452

Welcome to the Pacemaker Clinic 
The Pacemaker Clinic offers Pacemaker and AICD follow up of all major device manufacturers. Our staff of five Licensed Practical Nurses have been trained in device follow up and to evaluate any device problems under the direction of Dr. Neal Kavesh.
The Pacemaker Clinic has been involved in clinical research with the Pacemaker manufacturers and the Watson Clinic Center for Research since 1993. Currently the Pacemaker clinic is participating in ten device research studies.
AICD Support Group  
The Pacemaker Department conducts quarterly support group meetings for patients and family members that have implanted AICD's. Each meeting addresses topics of interest to patients covered by a Watson Clinic Electrophysiologist. In December, we celebrate the holidays together with a party. The support group was formed in 1993 to better serve our AICD patients and to encourage return to a normal healthy lifestyle.
Diagnostic Testing  
The Pacemaker Clinic is also a Diagnostic Center for heart arrhythmias.
Holter Monitors: record the heart rhythm for 24 hours.
Event Monitors: are worn by the patient for two weeks and record their heart rhythm when symptoms occur.
These diagnostic tools help Cardiologists diagnosis any heart arrhythmias.

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Medical Staff
Brenda Lenz, LPN, Team Leader
Kelly Edwards, LPN
Erin Eastwood, LPN
Connie Maldonado, LPN
Lana Myers, CCT