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According to data from the National Cancer Institute, approximately 38% of men and women in the United States will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lifetime.

There’s no doubt: cancer – in all its forms – remains a deeply concerning health issue that requires vigilance in our country and around the world.

Here’s the good news. The number of cancer survivors continues to increase year after year. This encouraging trend is due to many factors, including more precise screening technologies, more sophisticated and highly targeted therapies, and a myriad of research and treatment trials that have paved the way for future generations of survivors.

But the chief catalyst behind this spike in cancer survivorship is you. As awareness of the disease has heightened in the public consciousness, more patients are engaging in cancer prevention than ever before. The patient population has a wider understanding of the tremendous benefits that result from early detection, a healthy diet, and abstinence from tobacco and excessive alcohol use.

When it comes to cancer prevention, education is key. The more you know about the disease, the more empowered you’ll be to steer clear of its controllable risk factor, or to defeat it should it should strike you or someone you love.

Watson Clinic’s commitment to cancer education, progressive treatments and technologies, and patient advocacy has played an essential role in shaping our legacy. Our Cancer & Research Center is one of only a handful of facilities in our state to earn gold status recognition from the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer.

Our commitment to patient education continues in the pages of this magazine. Inside, you’ll find a number of articles that provide valuable and illuminating insights, including a piece on the hereditary components of cancer.

We hope you feel empowered from the insights contained in this issue, and we invite you to email us at with any feedback you might have.

Yours in good health,
Steven G. Achinger, MD, FASN
Watson Clinic Managing Partner
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