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Health Scene MagazineNew Hopes for the New Year

There’s no doubt that 2020 has been a tumultuous and transformative year for many. As we turn the page to a new year, we look for signs of hope on our horizon.

First, there are the practical steps we can all take to ensure a brighter outcome. At each of our locations, we continue to require the wearing of masks or other appropriate facial coverings for our patients, visiting caregivers, physicians and other staff members. We also encourage the practice of social distancing and frequent hand sanitizing. These steps remain the simplest and most attainable means for protecting everyone against the perils of the coronavirus.

On the research front, Watson Clinic and Lakeland Regional Health have joined forces on an exciting new study aimed at defining the most effective blood clot treatments for COVID-19 patients who have been admitted into the Intensive Care Unit. The study is being led by Watson Clinic Pulmonologist Dr. Naem Shahrour, Lakeland Regional Health Pulmonologist Thane Htun, MD, and Watson Clinic Pulmonology Hospitalist registered nurse practitioner Amber Peterson, APRN, and it’s all being overseen by the Watson Clinic Center for Research, a division we established in 1985 to nurture the most exciting clinical trials and help to define the future of medicine for all. For more information on this meaningful study, visit

All of us at Watson Clinic wish you the very best in the New Year. In 2021 and beyond, Watson Clinic will continue to serve as a safe and reliable haven where you and your family will receive only the highest level of compassionate and expertly delivered care.

Yours in good health,
Steven G. Achinger, MD, FASN
Watson Clinic Managing Partner
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