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Health Scene MagazineYour Guide To Good Health

For many, the challenges of the past year have highlighted the importance of maintaining good health. If you’re interested in adopting healthier habits and achieving your wellness goals, it’s helpful to know where to start.

Wherever you are on your healthcare journey, your most important ally is a primary care provider. These physicians keep you up-to-date on important screenings, help you stay consistent in your ongoing treatments for chronic conditions, provide potentially life-saving vaccinations, offer hassle-free referrals when more specialized care is needed, and empower you to reach your most challenging health goals - from losing weight to quitting smoking.

At Watson Clinic, our primary care providers - otherwise known as Family Medicine and Internal Medicine specialists - offer convenient appointment availability from multiple locations.

Preventive care lies at the heart of what they do. When potential medical issues are addressed before they become chronic or problematic, everybody wins. The patient can enjoy a more gratifying quality of life, incidents of life-threatening disease can drastically decrease, and communities can thrive.

These have been the central goals of Watson Clinic ever since we first opened our doors in 1941. Inside the pages of this issue of Health Scene, we celebrate the occasion of our 80th anniversary by looking back to our origins and celebrating the possibilities of what’s to come. Throughout the generations and far into the future, our focus will remain on elevating the health of you, your family and the community we all share.

Regardless of your specific health goals or challenges, our team of more than 300 physicians and medical providers are here to keep you steady and secure on your path to a lifetime of wellness.

Wellness is a journey, and we’re honored to serve as your trusted guide.  
Yours in good health,
Steven G. Achinger, MD, FASN
Watson Clinic Managing Partner
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