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Patients and families are drawn to Watson Clinic because of the convenience of our locations, the diversity of our specialties and – above all else – the compassion and personalized attention they receive from our team of expert physicians and other care team members.

What they may not realize are the efforts taking place behind the scenes to ensure a smooth, efficient and fulfilling healthcare experience for all. Our motto is simple: We always put our patients first.

To accomplish this, our Clinic partners and administrators are consistently brainstorming ideas on how we can improve quality, enhance patient satisfaction and strengthen the structure of healthcare delivery that we’ve fostered since 1941.

These crucial decisions aren’t made by faceless bureaucrats. Watson Clinic is owned and operated by the physicians themselves. Their keen understanding of a patient’s needs informs everything we do.

In recent months, our leadership roster has expanded. We’ve appointed physician directors to oversee our efforts in quality improvement, recruitment and value based services. These appointments will help us stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, and the decisions they make will enhance the caliber and convenience of care for all of our patients.

Speaking of decisions, this issue of Health Scene focuses on a demographic that makes 80% of all health care decisions in the United States: women. Within these pages, you’ll find a series of informative articles on health-related topics that greatly impact the female population, including pregnancy and childbirth education, heart disease, diabetes, lung cancer, and breast care.

We hope you feel empowered from the insights contained in this issue, and we invite you to email us at with any feedback you might have.

Yours in good health,
Steven G. Achinger, MD, FASN
Watson Clinic Managing Partner
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