Physical Therapy

The importance of physical therapy

Physical therapy PT can help increase mobility, enhance strength and relieve pain after surgery, injury or common illness. It can also help prevent certain problems in the future by addressing potential health issues. After surgical procedures such as total knee replacement or rotator cuff repair, a PT could work with you to restore your previous function and improve your post-operative quality of life to an even higher level than before. Some of the other common issues a PT can help with includ...

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Relief for Aching Tissues and Muscles

Dry needling has become an increasingly popular option for patients suffering from painful muscle tightness. Similar to acupuncture, this safe and effective treatment utilizes thin monofilament needles to decrease muscle tightness, increase blood flow and ensure a faster recovery from injury. During the treatment, thin monofilament needles are directed to the affected areas of the body, which may include the shoulder, hip, neck or back. Once inserted into the skin, these needles enter the trigge...

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Straight and Steady Does It

What are the secrets to staying healthy as we age? You probably know the usual recommendations, such as eating a nutritious diet, exercising and maintaining a healthy weight. But it's also important to focus on three other things: good posture, balance and flexibility. They can help ward off some of the health problems—such as broken bones, digestive problems, and neck and back pain—that can derail our health and enjoyment of life at any stage, but particularly as we get older. Follo...

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