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Episode 3: Hand Injuries, Conditions and More with Dr. Rachel Lefebvre (25:22)

In this third episode of the Watson Clinic Health Talk podcast, Watson Clinic Hand Surgeon Dr. Rachel Lefebvre discusses common conditions that can impact the hand, including carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, fractures and more

Episode 2: Understanding Common Eye Conditions with Dr. Elizabeth George (26:22)

In this second episode of the Watson Clinic Health Talk podcast, Watson Clinic Optometry specialist Dr. Elizabeth George discusses the importance of eye exams, and the common conditions they can detect, including glaucoma, cataracts and dry eye syndrome.

Dr. Dominic DiPierro - Nerve Injury Foot Repair (Patient Testimonial) (3:47)

After a lengthy health struggle that almost took her life, Denise Horton suffered debilitating and extremely painful nerve damage in her foot. That's when she called upon Watson Clinic Podiatric Surgery specialist Dr. Dominic DiPierro.

Episode 1: Lose Weight the Healthy Way with Dr. Lilliam Chiques (29:02)

In the premiere episode of the Watson Clinic Health Talk podcast, board-certified Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine specialist Dr. Lilliam Chiques discusses the services she offers to help patients achieve lasting weight loss through sensible, manageable and health-based means.

Watson Clinic: What Makes a Watson Clinic Doctor (0:30)

In our latest commercial currently airing on Spectrum networks, Watson Clinic physicians Dr. Lilliam Chiques (Internal Medicine), Dr. Jarett Gregory (Urgent Care), Dr. William Roth (Dermatology), and Dr. Elisabeth Dupont (Breast Surgery) discuss the qualities one must have to be a Watson Clinic doctor.

Radiation Oncologist Discusses New Device for Prostate Cancer Patients (3:13)

Watson Clinic Cancer and Research Center Radiation Oncologist Dr. David Graham discusses the SpaceOAR Hydrogel, a revolutionary injectable spacer that minimizes the side effects of radiation therapy for prostate cancer patients.

Dr. Dominic DiPierro - Sports Injury Foot Repair (Patient Testimonial)(2:54)

Keelan Winchester was an avid soccer player who played the game multiple times every week. After suffering a serious injury to his foot, he worried if he'd ever be able to play again. That's when he called upon the expertise of Watson Clinic Podiatric Surgery specialist Dr. Dominic DiPierro.

Watson Clinic Team Member Appreciation Day 2024 (2:28)

Watson Clinic hosted a Team Member Appreciation Day at Tampa's Busch Gardens on Saturday, February 24, 2024.

Watson Clinic: Improving the Lives of Patients (0:30)

Watson Clinic physicians Dr. Kathleen Haggerty (Internal Medicine), Dr. Musa Awan (Ophthalmology), and Dr. Samantha Curtis (OB-GYN) discuss the privilege of caring for patients.

What Our Patients Are Saying: Incontinence (5:34)

Kathy Boehm's urinary incontinence issues were severely impacting her quality of life. She thought she had exhausted every treatment option. Nothing worked. Then she scheduled an appointment with Watson Clinic OB-GYN and Female Pelvic and Reconstructive Surgeon Dr. Tarek Garas.
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