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Watson Clinic: Improving the Lives of Patients (0:30)

Watson Clinic physicians Dr. Kathleen Haggerty (Internal Medicine), Dr. Musa Awan (Ophthalmology), and Dr. Samantha Curtis (OB-GYN) discuss the privilege of caring for patients.

What Our Patients Are Saying: Incontinence (5:34)

Kathy Boehm's urinary incontinence issues were severely impacting her quality of life. She thought she had exhausted every treatment option. Nothing worked. Then she scheduled an appointment with Watson Clinic OB-GYN and Female Pelvic and Reconstructive Surgeon Dr. Tarek Garas.

Cardiac Re-Synchronization Therapy Clinical Trial (4:01)

The Watson Clinic Center for Research is pleased to take part in an exciting new clinical trial designed to treat patients with cardiac synchronization issues.

Telemedicine Video Visits (0:30)

At Watson Clinic, we're open and working hard to keep our community healthy and safe. Patients are encouraged to attend scheduled appointments, however, if you do not feel well enough to leave your house we are offering Telemedicine Video Visits. For more information on this option, please visit

We're Committed to Your Health and Safety (0:30)

Watson Clinic is working hard to keep our community healthy and safe in the midst of this coronavirus outbreak. For the latest updates, visit our website at or call our hotline at 863-680-7977.

Your Watson Clinic: Urgent Care (0:30)

Watson Clinic's walk-in care services offer immediate treatments for minor illnesses and injuries without the need for an appointment or the high costs associated with traditional emergency room visits.

What Our Patients Are Saying: Cochlear Implants (3:42)

Nick began to suffer from severe hearing loss as a young child. In this moving testimonial, he discusses his experiences with the audiology and ENT specialists at Watson Clinic, and how the revolutionary cochlear implant has changed his quality of life.

Spotlight on Watson Clinic Urgent Care South (1:57)

Watson Clinic Urgent Care South offers immediate treatments for minor illnesses and injuries without the need for an appointment.

Dr. Richard Cardosi discusses diVa® Laser Vaginal Therapy (6:47)

Watson Clinic board-certified gynecologic oncologist Dr. Richard Cardosi discusses the benefits of diVa® Laser Vaginal Therapy, a revolutionary treatment that addresses issues related to feminine lubrication, laxity and leakage. Dr. Cardosi performs the treatment from the Watson Clinic Bella Vista Building at 1755 N. Florida Ave in Lakeland, FL.

American Heart Association Honors Watson Clinic Cardiologist Dr. John Canto (1:49)

In this video produced by the American Heart Association (AHA), Watson Clinic board-certified cardiologist Dr. John Canto discusses his passion to elevate the cardiac health of his community and the importance of supporting the AHA organization.
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