Ease your arthritis fatigue

Arthritis and fatigue often go hand in hand. Arthritis pain can disturb your sleep and sap your energy to the point where you have trouble functioning during the day. These arthritis fatigue-fighters can help you feel your best. Get your arthritis under control. Inflamed joints and arthritis pain can contribute to fatigue. Working with your doctor to manage arthritis and any underlying conditions is the first step to getting your energy back. Move more. It may seem logical that exercise would ad...

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Could your achy joints be rheumatoid arthritis?

Rheumatoid arthritis RA is a type of arthritis that causes inflammation pain and swelling in your joints or the areas where two bones meet. If you've been dealing with joint pain, you may want to learn about RA. We're here to help with answers to five common questions about RA. 1. How is RA different from osteoarthritis? RA is an autoimmune condition, meaning your body attacks the tissues that line your joints and causes inflammation. In contrast, osteoarthritis is often caused by aging, as the ...

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Osteoporosis treatments reduce risk of fracture

Osteoporosis is a disease that makes bones dangerously fragile. While there is no cure for the condition, there are treatments that can slow its progress and reduce your risk for fractures or bone breaks. Diet and lifestyle changes may play a key role in these treatments. A diet rich in calcium and vitamin D is essential. Your doctor may also advise supplements of other vitamins or minerals. Regular walking or muscle-strengthening workouts can also help protect your bones. Smoking speeds bone lo...

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Live well with rheumatoid arthritis

If you're one of the 1.3 million people in the U.S. living with rheumatoid arthritis RA , your immune system is mistakenly attacking your joints—usually many of them at once. That can make your joints painful, stiff and swollen. And it may even affect other tissue in your body, such as your eyes, lungs or heart. Symptoms of RA may go away temporarily and then return. These steps can help you better manage RA every day: Balance activity with rest. When your RA is active, taking breaks throu...

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Get the facts about Lyme disease

Lyme disease is a tick-borne disease that infects approximately 300,000 Americans each year. It's transmitted to humans by a bite from an infected black-legged tick. If not treated, infection from Lyme disease can affect the joints, nervous system and heart. Check out these other must-know facts about the disease: 1. Lyme disease is most common in warm weather. That's when ticks are most active. If you're bitten by a tick infected with the bacteria that cause Lyme disease, you can get sick. 2. L...

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What is a bone density test?

Osteoporosis—a disease of dangerously fragile bones—can sneak up on you. That's because it doesn't cause any symptoms. People usually don't know they have it until a bone breaks unexpectedly, often from a minor fall. The disease reduces bone mineral density, increasing the risk of fractures and breaks, particularly in post-menopausal women. In fact, half of all women and one in five men older than 65 will break a bone due to this degenerative condition. Watson Clinic is pleased to of...

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