A Good Laugh is Good Medicine

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Did you hear the story about the fake noodles?

Apparently, they were im-pastas.

Hopefully, you just chuckled a bit—even if you did roll your eyes! If so, you may have done your health a favor. Research suggests that laughter is good for you. It may improve blood flow to the heart, boost your immune system and trigger the release of feel-good chemicals that can temporarily relieve pain. A hearty laugh can lessen physical tension and stress, and gentle humor can often help defuse a tense situation. Share your laughter with someone else, and the benefits may be even greater.

Need a place to turn for a cackle or hoot? Start with you.

Don't take yourself too seriously. Share your embarrassing moments. If you do something silly, it might not seem so bad if you can get yourself to giggle.

Here are 10 more possibilities for strengthening your funny bone:

1. Watch a funny movie, or search for humorous videos online.

2. Host a game night with family or friends.

3. Go to a bookstore, and browse the humor section.

4. Keep a funny CD or audiobook in your vehicle. Or listen to them on your smartphone or tablet.

5. Find a screensaver that makes you laugh, and put it on your computer.

6. Play with your children or grandkids. Children are experts at taking life lightly and laughing.

7. Collect sayings or photos that make you smile, and put them where you can easily see them. Change them up from time to time to keep things fresh.

8. Visit a pet store or animal shelter and watch the puppies and kittens.

9. Spend time with people who are most likely to make you laugh.

10. Read some funny cartoons.

Remember, a good laugh is good medicine.

Sources: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Mental Health America




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