Watson Clinic Leads in Kidney Transplants & Home Dialysis

Tuesday, November 15, 2022


Close to 800,000 people in the United States struggle with end-stage kidney failure. These patients are faced with two options if they want to survive: dependence on routine dialysis therapy or a kidney transplant.

Providing swift, effective care for these patients has proven challenging in medical establishments across the county. Patients often find discouragement when they attempt to secure their placement on impossibly long lists of kidney transplant candidates. Meanwhile, dialysis treatments can consume up to 12 or more valuable hours every week away from home.

Watson Clinic has long set the standard in both kidney transplantation and convenient home-based dialysis care.

Kidney Transplantation

According to the National Kidney Foundation, the average period of time a patient must wait for their first approved kidney transplant is 3.6 years. Tragically, an average of 13 people a day will die while waiting for hese transplants.

Watson Clinic is on the forefront for expediting kidney transplants. "Historically, Watson Clinic nephrology patients are 2 ½ times more likely to receive a kidney transplant when compared to the state average," says Steven G. Achinger, MD, FASN, a board-certified nephrologist at Watson Clinic.

How do we do it? Watson Clinic employs a unique and innovative team approach. Our nephrologists can provide easy referrals to additional departments when more specialized care is needed, including family medicine, urology, podiatry, and others. These specialists are all contained within the Watson Clinic network, and are often under the same roof. They join forces to procure patients a place on a kidney transplant list without the myriad of complications experienced outside of our region.

Dialysis at Home

"Watson Clinic has doubled the percentage of our patients who are on home dialysis over the past several years," reports Michael J. Achinger, MD, MS, a board-certified nephrologist at Watson Clinic.

The advantages of receiving dialysis at home are numerous. First, a patient’s home is naturally a more comfortable and convenient option than spending many hours each week inside a hospital or other healthcare center. Patients enjoy greater flexibility in scheduling, and can perform dialysis more frequently and for longer periods of time. This results in significantly improved outcomes, including profound gains in quality of life and a lower risk of death.

In-Center Dialysis Team

Watson Clinic Nephrology specialists Michael J. Achinger, MD, MS, Steven G. Achinger, MD, FASN, Patrick Francois, MD, and Marcia Berry, APRN provide these services to patients who seek care at dialysis centers throughout our community. Each specialist possesses many years of experience in treating dialysis patients.

Board-certified registered nurse practitioner Marcia Berry, APRN has been treating Watson Clinic Nephrology patients since 2017, and has over two decades of experience in providing renal disease management and dialysis services. She cares for patients in various dialysis units on a daily basis.

Appointments may be scheduled at Watson Clinic Main, Bartow Building B, Highlands, or Plant City by calling 863-680-7190.




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Wednesday, August 3, 2022
Jeannine Davis says:

This is a wonderful and caring team. I’ve been a patient for over two and a half years. They always treat me with respect and concern. They make a difficult situation so much easier.

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