Watson Clinic Introduces Care Team Concept

Thursday, March 3, 2016

If you’ve called to schedule an appointment or made a visit to your doctor lately, you might have heard us use the term ‘care team’.

Care team refers to every member of a physician’s office who works to serve you during your office visit, including the nurses (RNs & LPNs), medical assistants, technologists and all other staff members.

Think of your care team as your own personal group of medical professionals who all work together to serve your wellness needs.

In the past, it had become customary for many patients and others to use the blanket term ‘nurses’ when referring to a member of a doctor’s staff or their team as a whole. In fact, nurses are only those members of a doctor’s care team who possess specific credentials, including our ARNPs, LPNs and RNs. While the nursing segment of Watson Clinic’s total staff is significant, they represent just a part of the vast group of experienced professionals who work to take care of you.

We want you to know that the talents and expertise of each Watson Clinic care team member are joined together in one unifying purpose: to provide you with a healthcare experience like no other.


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