Watson Clinic Expands in South Lakeland and Bartow

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Watson Clinic has long cherished the opportunity to serve the medical needs of our patients who reside in Bartow and the surrounding communities, including south Lakeland and Fort Meade. Recently, we’ve taken steps to increase our presence in the area like never before.

Watson Clinic Bartow: Located adjacent to Bartow Regional Medical Center – where an increasing number of our specialists treat in-patients – our Watson Clinic Bartow offices house an assortment of popular services, including family medicine, endocrinology, bone density DEXA scan capability, diabetes education, dietary counseling, on-site lab and x-ray. This location has expanded with the addition of several departments:

· Podiatric surgeon Dr. Ripal Patel has moved his Main Clinic practice to our Bartow facility full-time. Dr. Patel specializes in the treatment of the lower extremities, including the foot and ankle. He offers conservative and surgical treatment options for disorders and discomfort related to arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, diabetes, gout, bunions, fractures and a wealth of additional conditions.

· Plastic & reconstructive surgeon Dr. Faeza Kazmier keeps office hours at our Bartow location every first and third Tuesday of each month. During the remainder of her time, Dr. Kazmier continues to counsel and treat patients from her practice at our Women’s Center, Suite B, location in Lakeland. The roster of services she offers Bartow patients includes reconstructive surgical efforts as well as non-invasive cosmetic treatments.

·Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine specialist, Dr. Marc Volpe continues to counsel and treat patients from his office at our Main Clinic, he also performs total joint surgeries at Bartow Regional Medical Center.

Additional Watson Clinic providers are expected to come aboard the Bartow team in the coming months.

Watson Clinic Bartow Gynecology: Devoted to women’s health and comprehensive gynecologic care, our new Bartow Gynecology office is headed by board-certified obstetric-gynecologist Dr. Tarek Garas and Nicole Rule, ARNP-C. Mrs. Rule maintains a full-time schedule at this location, while Dr. Garas is available on select days each week as he divides his time between this location and the Bella Vista Building.

The range of services offered at Watson Clinic Bartow Gynecology are tailored for women of all ages, including routine gynecologic examinations, contraceptive management, and treatments for irregular bleeding, pelvic pain, urinary and fecal incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, painful bladder syndrome, sexual dysfunction and issues brought on by conditions like osteoporosis and menopause.

Procedures will be conducted both in-office and at Bartow Regional Medical Center.

Watson Clinic Highlands: One of our most visually striking and popular facilities, Watson Clinic Highlands is a 38,000 square foot, two-story medical facility located at 2300 E. County Rd 540A in south Lakeland. The facility offers expert primary care, dermatology, and obstetrics and gynecology services, as well as comprehensive radiology capabilities, including CAT scan, DEXA bone density scanning, x-ray, ultrasound and 3D mammography, and an on-site laboratory for faster test results and more efficient patient visits.

The building also introduces a series of services to the south Lakeland area for the first time in Watson Clinic’s history, including otolaryngology (ENT), facial plastic surgery and our Hearing Center.

On the far west side of the Watson Clinic Highlands facility, patients and non-patients alike can receive walk-in care without an appointment from our Watson Clinic XpressCare at Highlands offices.

Phase Two of Watson Clinic Highlands is currently under construction. Once open, it will deliver an even more impressive roster of diverse specialties and expert medical talents to the area.

Watson Clinic Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine: Just down the road from our Highlands building, our new Watson Clinic Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine facility offers a comprehensive catalog of services tailored to meet the needs of high school and college sports teams, professional athletes and those who simply cherish their active lifestyle.

The facility provides a rotation of board-certified specialists from our team of orthopaedic surgeons and sports medicine physicians, the expertise of our physical therapists and physician assistants, and an inventory of the most highly advanced rehabilitation technologies in the industry including the Anti-Gravity Treadmill®.

As a community grows, so does their need for quality healthcare. That’s why Watson Clinic is expanding our presence for patients and families in south Lakeland, Bartow and surrounding areas.

Collectively, these additional specialties, services, physicians and convenient locations mean a healthier tomorrow for families in our community.

For more information on these or any of Watson Clinic’s 19 locations, visit www.WatsonClinic.com/locations.




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