Nephrologists Also Treat High Blood Pressure

Monday, February 8, 2021

Watson Clinic’s kidney specialists, otherwise known as nephrologists, are also experts in the treatment of high blood pressure.

What does one have to do with the other? A lot more than you might think, because your kidneys help regulate your blood pressure.

High blood pressure is the most common medical condition in the United States and is also a leading risk factor for heart attack, stroke and kidney disease.

One way to avoid or slow the progression of kidney disease is to keep your high blood pressure (hypertension) under control. Watson Clinic’s nephrologists have been specially trained to determine the root causes of hypertension, to offer treatments that help lower blood pressure to the average goal levels of <140/90 mmHg, and to continuously monitor for any kidney injury resulting from your condition.

High blood pressure often does not have symptoms—this is why it’s sometimes called “the silent killer”. In order to maintain a healthy life, it’s crucial that you have it checked regularly and keep it under control. Diet, age and genetic factors all play a role in determining our blood pressure. In addition, there are a small group of patients who have other conditions that lead to high blood pressure such as kidney damage, blockage to the blood flow in the kidney or excessive stress hormones. Our nephrology group can help evaluate you for any of these conditions.

Additionally, our specialists might recommend the following steps to keep the risks of hypertension in check:

A healthy eating plan that includes reducing sodium (salt).

Regular physical activity.

Weight loss. A loss of 7% to 10% of your body weight can help.

Quitting smoking.


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