Fitness Inspiration from Competitive Sports

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Looking for ways to add more fun to your fitness routine? Turn your eyes to the beloved sporting events you watch on TV.

Kickboxing is a popular fitness trend. This feisty whole-body workout blends aerobics with boxing- and martial arts-based jabs and kicks.

Walk a marathon-at your pace. Maybe you're not ready to run a real marathon. But don't let that stop you from crossing the finish line like the athletes in track-and-field events. Make it your goal to walk 26.2 miles (the length of a marathon race) over the course of several months.

Try table tennis. This fast-paced calorie-burner became an Olympic sport in 1988. Dust off that basement ping pong table or head to the nearest rec center.

Give golf a go. Golf can also reap fitness benefits. Be sure to walk the course to maximize movement.

Row like a pro. No boat needed for these cardio moves. Just hit the rowing machine at the gym. Sign up for a group class to multiply the fun.

Pedal your heart out. Cyclists regularly pedal for medal in road, mountain, track and other bike races. To get your heart racing, grab a helmet, hop on your bike and ride to glory (and good health).

Form a team. Try playing volleyball, badminton or soccer in your backyard. Shoot some hoops in your driveway. Or pack up the kids and tennis rackets and hit some balls at a nearby court.

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