Effective Treatments for Dry Eye

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Well over 16 million Americans have been diagnosed with dry eye, a condition that can lead to stinging discomfort, light sensitivity, redness and blurred vision. In its most advanced stages, dry eye can even cause cornea damage and vision loss.
What causes dry eyes? Your eyes produce tears that help to keep them lubricated and well-functioning. When there’s an imbalance in how these tears are produced or absorbed, dry eye can result. While anyone can suffer from dry eyes, you might be at increased risk if you are female, 50 years or older, wear contact lenses, or have certain nutritional deficiencies such as low Vitamin A levels.
"Thankfully, there are a number of treatments for dry eye that can ease symptoms and prevent permanent damage," reports Elizabeth George, OD, a board-certified Optometrist at Watson Clinic Main in Lakeland.
Following a thorough eye exam, your optometrist can properly diagnose the condition and suggest appropriate steps to reverse side effects and prevent escalation. These might include lifestyle changes such as protective eyewear, smoking cessation or taking eye breaks when using a computer screen, over-the-counter or prescription strength eye drops, or – in more advanced stages – minimally invasive surgical options.
Board-certified Optometrist Dr. Elizabeth George diagnoses and treats a variety of common eye disorders – including dry eye and glaucoma – and offers a full range of specialized eye exams.

Appointments with Dr. George may be scheduled by calling 863-680-7486.

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