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Frank Lloyd Wright Building Lakeland

Setting the pace... for thriving arts and culture.

Lakeland’s cultural diversity rivals that of the country’s largest metropolitan regions. From the internationally renowned architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, that is situated on the Florida Southern College campus (pictured here), to the stimulating sounds of the acclaimed Imperial Symphony Orchestra, Lakeland harbors a medley of cultural treats to suit any palette. A multitude of worship centers are also offered to accommodate a broad range of religious and cultural beliefs.

Architect Frank Lloyd Wright came to Lakeland in 1938 to create a "great educational temple in Florida." He designed 18 structures and built 12 for Florida Southern College to resemble buildings rising "out of the ground...and into sun." It is the largest collection of Wright's designs in the world. 
Originally constructed in 1928, the Polk Theatre (pictured below) is a glorious classic opera-style movie house that still presents specialty films and Broadway productions.

The Polk Museum of Art exhibits eight distinctive rotating galleries featuring the works of regional, national and global artists.

The community nurtures the creative instincts of our youth with the Harrison Center for the Visual and Performing Arts, and a training complex that offers expert instruction in the fields of dance, theatre, art and music.
Polk Theatre and the Polk Museum of Art
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