Board Of Directors

Dr. William Roth
William J. Roth, MD, PhD - Dr. Roth was named the Chairman of the Board for the Foundation and Managing Partner of Watson Clinic in 2023. He is a board-certified dermatologist at Watson Clinic Bella Vista Building & Highlands locations in Lakeland. Dr. Roth received his medical degree from the State University of New York at Stony Brook in Stony Brook, NY, and first joined Watson Clinic in 1994.

Jason Hirsbrunner
Jason Hirsbrunner, BA, MBA - Mr. Hirsbrunner was appointed Secretary & Treasurer of the Foundation in 2022. He attended Wesleyan University and the University of Illinios. Mr. Hirsbrunner joined Watson Clinic LLP in 2022 as the Chief Administrative Officer.

M. Shane Glor
M. Shane Glor – Mr. Glor is a Mortgage Banker and Business Leader in the Lakeland area since 1988. Involved with several community organizations and events, Mr. Glor has served on the Board since 2008 . He attended the University of Missouri in Columbia, MO.

Dr. Randy Heysek
Randy Heysek, MD - Dr. Heysek has served on the Foundation Board since 2003. He is a board-certified radiation oncologist and the founder and medical director of the Central Florida Cancer Institute, who shares his knowledge and expertise through teaching resident physicians in training at the University of Florida, as well as giving seminars and lectures to the general medical community. He attended the University of Florida College of Medicine and the University of Maryland for his residency in radiation oncology.

Dr. Pranay Patel
Pranay Patel, MD - Dr. Patel has served on the Foundation Board since October 2001. He joined the Watson Clinic LLP in 1998 where he has an Otolaryngology practice. Dr. Patel attended the University of Texas, Oxford University and Baylor College of Medicine.