CT Scans - Radiation Reduction

Radiologic technologies have advanced at a rapid pace, and have proven an indispensable tool in the diagnosis and treatment of a great number of conditions, from heart disease to cancer.
In spite of the tremendous benefits associated with radiology, the medical field has long been concerned with the potential effects of radiation exposure over time, particularly in pediatric patients. Watson Clinic has taken an unprecedented step in alleviating that concern with groundbreaking technology that greatly reduces the amount of radiation dosage without sacrificing the quality of the image scan.
Watson Clinic is the only radiology department in the area to invest in this new reduction technology.  We've incorporated this software into our inventory of cutting-edge radiology technologies, such as the Discovery CT750 HD system. The results have been overwhelmingly positive, and have contributed to a 50% reduction in radiation exposure to patients across the board while producing images of unparalleled clarity.
Watson Clinic’s decision to incorporate these aggressive radiation reduction measures is a testament to their ongoing commitment to only providing the most exceptional patient care experience possible.
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