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Watson Clinic Introduces Revolutionary New Radiology Imaging System


Watson Clinic is the first healthcare facility in our area to introduce the GE Revolution APEX CT Scanner, a highly advanced imaging technology with more precise detection capabilities, faster speeds, and more enhanced patient comforts than ever before.

“The quality of the imagery can result in better diagnoses, more informed treatment protocols, and better outcomes,” says Carlos Munoz, Director of Radiology and Imaging Informatics at Watson Clinic. “This new system carries tremendous benefits to patient care, whether it’s utilized in the detection of kidney deficiencies, abnormalities in vascular structures, or in the diagnosis of ischemic heart disease.”

The scanner features the most powerful X-ray tube ever made for unparalleled image quality, and lightning fast rotation speeds that can capture high-definition, low contrast images in seconds. Patient comfort is enhanced with a 70% operating noise reduction and an open bore that can accommodate patients with a large body habitus.

The GE Revolution APEX CT Scanner is housed in the Radiology department at Watson Clinic Main at 1600 Lakeland Hills Blvd. in Lakeland. Appointments are available for patients with a physician referral.

For more information, call 863-680-7755 or visit

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