Breast Health Services Video Series

Breast health specialists from Watson Clinic in Lakeland, Florida share their insights in a series of special reports from Tampa's ABC Action News.


In this segment, Watson Clinic Women's Center breast surgeon and medical director of Breast Health Services Dr. Elisabeth Dupont discusses the most common risk factors associated with the disease.


This segment explores the various options for detecting the presence of breast cancer, including self examinations, clinical breast exams and digital mammography.


In this segment, Watson Clinic breast cancer specialists discuss the latest advancements in treatments for the disease, including radiation therapy and chemotherapy.


This segment explores the validity and availablity of clinical trial offerings in the treatment of breast cancer.


This segment explores the genetics of breast cancer, and what options are available to patients who carry an elevated probability of developing the disease.


In this segment, several Watson Clinic breast health specialists answer a few of the most common questions concerning breast cancer risk factors, screening, and treatment.
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