Partners in Wellness

Many philanthropic groups – both on the local and national levels – are doing vital work to ensure the wellness of all mankind. When we all share and support one another in our commitment to building a healthier future, the impact of our efforts is more profound and far-reaching.
By working in collaboration with partner agencies, evidence of the Foundation’s service within our local community can be found throughout the area. One such example is the provision of vehicles for use by VISTE to expand their transportation services for our community’s homebound frail elderly. This is one of many projects allowing the Foundation to reach outside the walls of the Clinic’s medical facility and truly impact those who are most in need.
In addition, the Foundation has pioneered many local accomplishments such as assisting in launching the "9-1-1" service in Polk County. Working with American pacemaker manufacturers, the Foundation established 37 charitable pacemaker banks in 24 third world nations, eventually saving lives by implanting over 5,000 devices. The Foundation worked with state legislators to provide cardiac defibrillators in ambulances and other emergency vehicles statewide. Within Polk County, there is ongoing collaboration with local Rotary Clubs and community leaders to raise the necessary funds to provide defibrillators and related education to local police departments and county sports complexes.