Nuclear Medicine/PET

Our radiologists are Fellowship trained in Nuclear Medicine/PET and body imaging.
The Nuclear Medicine department is located at Watson Clinic Main.
Imaging equipment:
  • Two Sophy (GE). Dual head, SPECT systems camera.
  • Millenium MG (GE). Dual head, SPECT systems camera.
  • One SPECT/CT camera (GE Infinia w/Hawkeye).
  • Fully computerized work stations.
  • PET/CT system.
Imaging studies: Bone scan, Brain scan, Gastric emptying scans, Gallium scans, Hepatobiliary scans, I-131 Therapy and scans, Liver - spleen scans, Lymphoscintigraphy scans, Lung scans (V/Q scans) and quantitative evaluations, Octreoscans, Peritoneal scans, Prostoscint scans, Parathyroid scans, Quadramet therapy, Renal scans, Thyroid scans, Testicular scans, Voiding cystourethrogram (VCUG) scans, Cardiac imaging.

For cardiac imaging, coronary CTA is offered along with ejection fraction calculation.
Contact person: Beth Kelp, RT (Supervisor of Nuclear Medicine).
Phone: 863-680-7761
Scheduling: 863-680-7474
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