Nuclear Medicine and PET/CT

Our radiologists and cardiologists are Fellowship trained in Nuclear Medicine and PET/CT imaging. The Nuclear Medicine department is located at Watson Clinic Main.

Imaging equipment:

  • Two GE 830 Dual head SPECT systems camera.
  • GE Discovery 530 C (CZT detectors) dedicated cardiac gamma camera.
  • GE Infinia w/Hawkeye SPECT/CT camera.
  • Two PET/CT systems:
    • Philips Gemini TF
    • Siemens Biograph Vision 450
  • Fully computerized diagnostic workstations.

Imaging studies:
We offer our patients a variety of nuclear medicine related studies including:

  • FDG PET imaging for Alzheimer’s disease assessment
  • Bone scan
  • Gastric Emptying scans
  • Hepatobiliary scans
  • I-131 Therapy and scans
  • Liver - Spleen scans, DaTscan
  • Lymphoscintigraphy Injections and scan
  • Seed localization-breast(I-125)
  • Lung scans (V/Q and quantitative evaluations)
  • Parathyroid scans
  • Renal scans
  • Thyroid Uptake and scan
  • WBC (In 111) scan
  • GI Bleed scan
  • Meckel's scan 
  • Testicular scans
  • Voiding Cystourethrogram (VCUG) scans
  • Myocardial Perfusion scan (exercise or pharmacological)
  • MUGA scan
  • Myocardial Amyloid scan
  • PET/CT scan, Neuroendocrine PET/CT scan(Ga 68)
  • Axumin PET/CT scan


Contact person: Milda Segui, RT, Supervisor of Nuclear Medicine
Phone: 863-680-7761

Contact person: Carlos Munoz, MSMHIT, CIIP, Director of Radiology
Phone: 863-680-7769

Scheduling: 863-680-7474

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