Screening mammography, diagnostic mammography, ultrasonography, and magnetic resonance imaging.

Breast ultrasound biopsy, Breast stereotactic biopsy, cyst aspiration, and needle localization.
The mammography departments are located at the Watson Clinic Women's Center - Suite A and Watson Clinic Highlands.

Watson Clinic Women's Center - Suite A:

Offers 3D/digital screening, diagnostic mammography, and breast ultrasounds as wells as breast biopsy (ultrasound guided and stereotactic, and cyst aspiration).

Watson Clinic Highlands:

Offers 3D/digital screening mammography only at this location.
All screening mammography is performed with the aid of CAD (computer aided detection), which significantly improves the sensitivity for the detection of cancer. Magnetic resonance imaging of the breast is done in select cases with high field 3T imaging system. MRI Guided breast biopsy may also be utilized. 
Contact person: Candida Jenkins, RT.R.M., Supervisor of Mammography
Phone: 863-680-7774
Scheduling: 863-680-7755, option 3