Interventional/Vascular Imaging

Our radiologists are Fellowship trained in interventional radiology or Neuroradiology.
Endovascular work both diagnostic and interventional is offered at LRMC, while only diagnostic vascular work is offered at WC in the Heart and Vascular Lab.
Venous ablation therapy is performed at WC.
Thyroid biopsy is offered at WC, while other biopsies such as lung and abdomen are performed at LRMC.
Uterine embolization is offered.
Drainage procedures are performed at LRMC.
Lumbar punctures can be performed as either outpatient at WC or LRMC.
Vascular imaging is performed predominantly by interventional radiology and includes Peripheral arterial testing, Vascular sonography, MRA, and CTA of head, neck, abdomen and extremities.
Endovascular therapy includes: carotid stent, cerebral thrombolysis, endovascular repair for abdominal aortic aneurysm, renal artery stenting, peripheral vascular PTA and stenting, TIPSS, venous access, revascularization dialysis access graft, venous and arterial thrombolysis.
Contact person: Helen Travers, Administrative Secretary.
Phone: 863-680-7777
Scheduling: 863-680-7840
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