Interventional Peripheral Vascular Disease

There are an estimated 9 million persons in the United States with peripheral vascular disease. Symptoms include lower extremity claudication, HTN, and stroke. Left untreated the disease carries a grim prognosis with approximately 50% dying within five years. Most die of cardiovascular disease - heart and stroke.

Interventional radiologists working in conjunction with the physicians of the Vascular Center at the Watson Clinic treat the symptoms of PVD. A full range of interventional therapy is offered with angiography, angioplasty, stents, laser, and lytic therapy. Endovascular repair of AAA (a minimally invasive approach) is also offered in selected candidates.

Our department is working in conjunction with the cardiologists and the Center for Research on multiple investigational trials, including carotid stenting and a new NIH trial evaluation treatment for HTN. We have an ongoing effort in conjunction with the Neurology Department to intervene in and hopefully improve stroke outcome.

Contact person: Carlos Munoz, MSMHIT, CIIP Director of Radiology
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