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Psychologist’s focus on the mind and the behaviors associated with mental health. They treat a variety of conditions including depression, anger and anxiety, to overcoming addictions, obsessive compulsive disorder, hopelessness, panic attacks, compulsive worrying, coping with a stressful situation, grief, feeling overwhelmed and overcoming an abusive past. To treat disorders they engage in counseling and psychotherapy with their patients and may refer patients to a psychiatrist to combine medication with therapy.
Counseling is short-term therapy that centers on one particular issue and helps the patient to cope with a specific problem, such as anger management, stress issues and addiction.
Psychotherapy is usually long-term counseling, also known as talk therapy. It provides a supportive environment free from judgment to establish a collaborative relationship between doctor and patient. It works to uncover a patient’s thought patterns and helps the patient develop coping mechanisms, change thinking patterns and alter behavioral habits so the patient can live a more fulfilling life and learn to cope in ways that are healthier for them.
The physician will assess and recommend the type of therapy that is best for the patient. It can take some time for a patient to feel comfortable with their therapist. When that moment occurs, therapy will start helping the patient lead a better life.

Psychology Physician:

Dr. Michael L. Kieffer
Michael L. Kieffer, PhD
  • Medical School: University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, MS and PhD, Clinical Psychology
  • Internship: Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, IN, Clinical Psychology
  • Fellow: American College of Surgeons
  • Member: American Psychological Association, Florida Psychological Association, Leadership Lakeland X

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Michael L. Kieffer, PhD


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