The Gender Solutions Knee

Orthopedic Procedure for Women

Watson Clinic orthopedic surgeons utilize a knee replacement technology specifically tailored to fit their female patients. The Gender Solutions Knee is the first and only knee of its kind and can be implanted using less invasive techniques, which typically results in less scarring and faster recovery.
Female and male joints differ significantly, which has made the prospect of total knee replacements in females somewhat of a concern in the past, but now, with this new tool, surgeons can offer their female patients a knee that is in perfect harmony with their anatomy.
According to the National Center for Health Statistics, more than two-thirds of the more than 400,000 annual knee replacements are women.  Yet, women are three times less likely to undergo the procedure.  This results in substantial pain and risk of disability.
This new joint allows for a more precise fit and greater flexibility. The procedure is more effective, swift and free of intense discomfort than it’s ever been before.
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