Hair Removal

Want to get rid of that pesky unwanted hair? The Forever Bare BBL from Sciton® hair removal system is designed to do just that, even in the most delicate regions.

Utilizing the highest power of any light device in this class, it’s a safe, fast and effective hair removal system that produces lasting results on all skin types.

Here’s how it works: A continuous repetition of powerful light pulses heat the hair follicles. Flexible adaptors allow these pulses to reach even the most stubborn areas, and their range ensures that our specialists will not miss a single patch of unwanted hair.

Forever Bare BBL is designed for maximum comfort. A thermoelectrically-cooled sapphire crystal works in concert with the laser to cool the skin before, during and after the treatment. This greatly diminishes any discomforts that are typically associated with other hair removal systems.

To schedule hair removal sessions with any member of Watson Clinic’s obstetrics team, call 863-680-7243.

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Laser Hair Removal Brochure by Watson Clinic Highlands Providers
Laser Hair Removal Brochure by Dr. Garas' Office 

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