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Watson Clinic Honored With Prestigious Award By The American Medical Group Association


The American Medical Group Association® (AMGA) recently honored Watson Clinic with its 2019 Foundation Star Award, a distinction that recognizes a commitment to initiatives and innovations that enable an exceptional quality of care. Watson Clinic is one of only 13 organizations throughout the entire country to receive this honor in 2019.

The centerpiece of Watson Clinic’s relationship with AMGA revolves around the Together 2 Goal® Innovator Track, a series of collaborative efforts designed to implement care processes, interventions and measures to improve various courses of care.  The Clinic has engaged in several of these initiatives and has provided invaluable contributions that are helping to shape the delivery of care both in our community and across the country. 

Through advocacy, performance measurement and improvement tools, AMGA has led the transformation of healthcare in America and enabled healthier communities in the process. The Foundation Star Award reflects Watson Clinic’s long-term focus on quality improvement and setting new standards of excellence in healthcare.

(Photo: Sonia Wellinger (left) & Stan Piotrowski (right))

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