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Watson Clinic Announces February PEER Award Winner


Lakeland, FL -- Watson Clinic recognizes one outstanding employee every month as part of their Program for Employee Excellence and Recognition (PEER) award. The PEER Award is given to a Clinic employee who best exemplifies the patient-focused customer service standards that Watson Clinic strives to excel at every day. The following employee was recognized for this current month:

Judi Zellner - February

Judi Zellner, a Patient Financial Services Counselor, has been with the Clinic for eight years and currently works in the OB-GYN department at Watson Clinic Highlands in Lakeland. She is known for being organized, compassionate and respectful towards patients when discussing financial matters.
As PEER Award winner, Judi received a plaque, dinner at a local restaurant, a reserved parking spot and a free service from the Medical Spa at Watson Clinic LLP to acknowledge her contributions to the organization.

Judi Zellner (right) is pictured in the attached photo proudly displaying her PEER award plaque next to Watson Clinic Chief Administrative Officer Stan Piotrowski (left).

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