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Connecting with your Watson Clinic Doctor Through the Patient Portal
Patient Portal Helpful Tips:
After Enrollment is Complete

Faster, reliable communication accessible 24/7 is only a click away

The Watson Clinic’s Patient Portal allows electronic communication between you and your providers at Watson Clinic. This internet-based patient portal is a secure, confidential and easy-to-use website giving patients 24-hour access to review health information sent from your physician's office. Secure messages and information can only be viewed by those individuals who enter the correct username and password to log-in to the Watson Clinic Patient Portal site. By signing up and enrolling in the patient portal, you will be able to:

  • Receive important health information that is sent from your physician's office, including medications, immunizations and test results.
  • View medication lists and request prescription refills.
  • Correspond online with your physician’s office.
  • View upcoming and past appointments.
  • Obtain health-related educational materials.
  • Maintain account information including username, password, access privileges and email address.

This patient portal is intended to save you time and enhance the flow of communication between you and your healthcare provider. It does not allow or replace any type of diagnosis or medical advice, and should never be used in an emergency situation. You may contact your doctor’s office by telephone at any time. Keep in mind that it will be your responsibility to keep your username and password secure and confidential.

Who can sign up? Patients and their legal guardians can sign up for the Watson Clinic Patient Portal in accordance to the terms and conditions of the website. Legal guardians choosing to enroll their child will have full access to their child’s account until the patient turns 13 years old. Click here for the Adult Brochure.

Why does access change when the child turns 13 years old? Based on Florida statues, in cases where certain medical conditions apply children may obtain medical treatment without the permission of their parent or legal guardian. In the NextGen system for the Patient Portal, upon the child’s 13th birthday, the legal guardian’s access will expire and the child will need to complete the Patient Portal Enrollment form to activate their own personal account. Once the enrollment form is complete, the child can grant full or partial rights to the legal guardians in their account. Click here for the Pediatric Brochure.

To enroll, please complete one of the Patient Portal Enrollment Forms. Once the enrollment form has been completed, a welcome email will be sent to the email address provided by you within two business days notifying you that your enrollment is complete. You will receive a second email with your username information. Once you are enrolled, you can access the Patient Portal through the Watson Clinic website or by going to You will receive notices to your personal email account when there is important information awaiting you in your patient portal account. If you choose to use the patient portal, your name and email address will be treated with the same care and privacy given to your medical records.  

Patient Portal Support - Clinical Informatics Department:
Phone: 863-680-7551
Fax: 863-616-2489