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Dr. SacoIt's All About Relationships

From the desk of Louis S. Saco.


In the world of personalized healthcare, relationships are everything.

These relationships must be built on trust, compassion and a commitment to providing only the highest caliber of service, technology and expertise. This is only possible when each patient feels that their concerns are being heard, their opinions are valued and their best interests are being served.

Generations of patients have sought the care and counsel of Watson Clinic’s best and brightest for over 75 years. For many of these patients, Watson Clinic plays a pivotal role in their family tradition. Our expert physicians and medical providers have delivered and cared for their children and provided exceptional healthcare services to their spouses, parents, grandparents and extended family members.

As an organization, we strive to honor these bonds with every decision we make. That’s why we’re constantly on the lookout for areas in which we can improve, expand, and better fulfill the wellness needs of every patient we serve. How do we advance the quality of healthcare in our community and build a healthier tomorrow for all?

This mission transcends far beyond the day to day practice of medicine. It’s in the field of research where our doctors help to define the future of care in specialties as diverse as neurology, cardiology and oncology. It’s in the operating room where our surgeons take part in groundbreaking clinical trials in hopes of finding a better way to treat the most common conditions. It’s in our collaborations with the most prestigious advocacy groups in the country, as we fight to raise awareness and funds to combat cancer, heart disease and much more.

It’s also contained in the pages of the magazine you’re reading now. This issue provides expert guidance on a wide range of topics that touch us all, including the prevention and treatment of diabetes, the dangers of high blood pressure, and the benefits of exercise.

The relationship we share with you, your family and our community at large continues to motivate us as we explore the next evolutions in healthcare for this generation and the next.

Yours in good health, 

Louis S. Saco, MD
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Watson Clinic LLP
Chairman, the Watson Clinic Foundation, Inc.
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