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Watson Clinic’s radiology department features a 90% digital inventory of advanced imaging systems, including: three (3) high-field MRI magnets, as well as an open-bore Siemens 3T Verio; three (3) multi-slice CT units, including the Discovery CT750 HD; Computer Aided Detection (CAD) system for detection of calcium deposits in breasts; four (4) digital mammography units; eight (8) ultrasound units; 16-slice PET/CT; Gamma Camera for breast imaging; coronary CT angiography; breast MRI; full nuclear medicine department with molecular imaging capabilities.
Administrative meetings and educational conferences are held in an on-site radiologic conference room. 

Imaging Services:
Rachel Burke, MD
Bruce H. Miller, DO
Christine E. Skerbetz, MD
Body Imaging/Cardiac Imaging
Howard A. Gorell, MD
Daniel Lee, MD
David A. Lowry, MD
Joseph M. McDowell, MD
Mehdi Poutschi-Amin, MD
Ali Shariati, MD
Dario M. Topolcic, MD
Ali Shariati, MD
Nuclear Medicine/PET
Jerome G. Scavone, MD
Neuroradiology/Head and Neck
Evan F. Chambers, MD
Alexander H. Le, MD
Jason W. Maloney, MD
Ronald A. Stillerman, DO
Interventional/Vascular Imaging
Michael Addonizio, MD
Evan F. Chambers, MD
Carol Ebersole, MD
Jerome G. Scavone, MD
Please call 863-680-7000 for additional information.