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Recently received Patient Testimonials.

Patient Testimonials

A patient sent a card to Sue Jean Jones, ARNP-C, Women’s Center, thanking her for working her in for an appointment to help resolve an issue.

Dr. Louis Saco and staff, Gastroenterology, received praises in the Lakeland Surgical & Diagnostic Center (LSDC) Patient Satisfaction Survey for their professionalism and care. “Dr. Saco is top notch and so is the staff!”

Dr. Gabriel Pantol, Neurology, received praises from a patient thanking him for his efforts concerning her condition. “You were the ONLY doctor to show genuine concern and I will forever be grateful for your care and knowledge.”

Brenda Evans and Debbie Glenn, HIMS, received a card from a patient for helping to fill out forms. Their assistance was greatly appreciated.

Dr. Kendra Velez Rodriguez, Pediatrics, received a positive review on the Watson Clinic North Pediatrics Facebook page: “Dr. Velez is the best hands down! Only doctor I will bring my daughter to!”

A patient sent a heartfelt note of appreciation to Dr. Thomas L. Moskal, Surgical Oncology, Cancer & Research Center. “Thank you so much for making a difference in my life as I approach 85!”

Suzy Marteney, Clinical Services, received gift baskets from the Detroit Tigers Sports Medicine department. “Thank you for your tireless efforts for all our players and staff” and “we couldn’t provide the best care in baseball without you!!!”

Kudos to Sabrina Haynes, Patient Financial Services (PFS), for being so nice and going out of her way to help. She is much appreciated!

Jack Ryals and the care team, Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine, received a card from a patient thanking them for their caring and giving ways and for being with her during her journey in recovery. Another patient sent a card stating “you all are true blessings and I cannot thank you enough for all your care.”

A card was received for the doctors, nurses and staff of Watson Clinic, thanking them for the beautiful flowers that were sent in memory of Elaine Gleason. “It was very thoughtful and appreciated by all of the family. Please know your kind words and thoughts were a great support
for us.”

Dr. Elisabeth Dupont, Breast Surgeon, Women’s Center, received a card from a patient stating “Not everyone can do what you do, but anyone can see that what you do makes a wonderful difference.”

A patient’s spouse called noting that Ashley Gragg, Radiology, went above and beyond in assisting and reassuring her husband and also coordinated services on the same day so he would not need to return for an extra appointment.

Cynthia Rodriguez, DNP, ARNP-C, Cardiology, received praises from a patient stating she is personable, professional and informative. “She is always up on the most current medical innovations.”

Dr. Jack Thigpen, General Surgery, received a card from a grateful patient. “You are an angel put in our path. Thank you.”

Daisy Santana, PFS, received a card from a patient who wrote “thank you for brightening up my day and for all your help.”

Kudos to Patty Malatino, PFS, from a patient thanking her for her professional attitude and help.

Dr. Agustin Tavares and staff, Internal Medicine, received a card from a thankful family concerning the care of their loved one over the past 10 years. “We could not have asked for a better doctor and assistance with her care.”

Carolyn Horne and Kim Downs, Managed Care, Edgewood, received a BIG thank you from an appreciative wife whose husband was scheduled for surgery the following morning, however, the referral had not been processed. Thanks to their time and concern, her husband was able to have surgery as scheduled.

Dr. Louis Saco, Gastroenterology, received a card from a patient thanking him for his bedside manners. “You are so kind and humble which is very rare these days.” The patient was also thankful for his staff and their warmth and professionalism.

Barbie Smith, Ophthalmology, stepped in and went above and beyond with a patient even though the office was completely booked.

Shelby Sexton, Laboratory, received praises from a patient stating her skills made this the easiest lab draw he had ever had and it was much appreciated.

A card was received by Dr. Rajendra Sawh and staff, Urgent Care, and also Paul Chartier, CT Scan, from a patient who was grateful for the good care they received.

Tracy Burns, PFS, received positive comments from a patient who says she is very personable and passionate about the patients and her job.

A patient called to thank Sandy Vander Heyden, Reception, for being so helpful and sensitive to his needs. “She was caring and professional and made every effort to resolve the issue.”

Dr. Eberto Pineiro, Neurology, received a letter from a patient thanking him for helping to give him back a quality of life he has not had for a long time and “people are noticing.” Then the patient added, “Just another great reason to use Watson Clinic!”

Daniel Baker, Laboratory, received praises from a patient who credits him with helping to keep her healthy for a “mighty long time.”

A patient thanked Shannon Arellano, PFS, stating she was the best and appreciated her time and counsel. “It is not what you know, but what you do with what you know.”

A patient sent a card to Dr. Louis Saco, Gastroenterology, stating it is a blessing to have a doctor as competent as he is and she does not feel she could adequately express her appreciation and admiration for him.

A patient wrote a note to Daisy Santana, PFS, thanking her for assisting in a financial matter. “You have made my difficult time so much better.”

Italia Stuart, ARNP-C and her care team, OB-GYN, Highlands, received a note from a patient thanking her for her compassion. “I appreciated having the results relayed so quickly as it gave me peace.”

Dr. Tarek Garas, OB-GYN, BVB, received a card from a patient thanking him for “knowing what I needed to do and where to go for the right kind of help.”

A patient called noting that Dr. Steven Tyree and staff, XpressCare at Highlands, along with everyone from the receptionist to the lab tech to the radiology staff - were as kind, friendly and attentive as anyone could ask for. She was very happy with her experience.

Dr. Kevin Browne, Cardiology, received a card from a patient thanking him for an excellent job and his kindness during a recent procedure.

A patient called to say how much he appreciated Jeeji Philip, George Lapcik and Linda Bell, MRI, for their reassuring ways and explaining the step by step process which ended up being a very pleasant experience.

Betsy Peavey, Reception, received praises from a parent who needed lab work for her son. “This potentially aggravating situation was made much nicer because Betty went above and beyond by helping get the information in the system. She is an amazing employee!”

A patient wrote a note of appreciation to Dr. Thomas Moskal, Surgical Oncology, Cancer & Research Center, for performing her operation. “I really appreciated your sense of humor and positivity,” the patient wrote. “Words can’t express our thanks.”