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Recently received comments from patients.

Patient Testimonials

A grateful patient called to thank Dr. Elisabeth Dupont and staff, Breast Surgeon, Women’s Center, for making her healthy again.

A patient sent a card to Dr. Ugo Nzeako, Gastroenterology, stating “doctors like you make such a wonderful difference. You are brilliant!”

Pamela Sparkman, PA-C, Dermatology, Bella Vista Building (BVB), received a note from a patient thanking her for “caring for me the past few years. Your care has been exceptional.”

An employee thanks Peggy Garrett, Watson Clinic Foundation, for coordinating the Watson Clinic free skin exams and Dr. Linwood Bond, Dermatology, for conducting her evaluation.

Dr. Tarek Garas, OB-GYN, BVB, received a card thanking him for his treatment and expertise.

A patient noted how helpful Watson Clinic staffers were in getting her prescriptions in an affordable manner.

D. J. Cruikshank, Bella Vista Spa, received sincere appreciation from a patient because ”my experience the last few months has been gratifying as I have had more movement in my neck and back area.”

Dr. Louis Saco and staff, Gastroenterology, received positive comments in a recent Lakeland Surgical & Diagnostic Center (LSDC) patient satisfaction survey. “Dr. Saco is better than great. The staff is extremely caring and professional.”

A card was received by Dr. Adam Gant, Ophthalmology, from a patient thanking him for his kindness and great care.

Nicole Hall, who works in the office with Dr. Manish Parekh, Internal Medicine, Plant City, received a card from a patient thanking her for being so kind. “I wouldn’t know what to do without you."

Jessica Jorgenson, Urgent Care, received praises from a grateful patient stating “she’s an unbelievable person and so professional. When she takes care of you, it’s like being taken care of by family.”

A patient thanked Dr. Thomas Oates, Endocrinology, for all he is doing for her. She is grateful for his care.

A patient called noting Dr. Richard Dudrak, Urgent Care, "is as good as it gets. He was excellent, thorough and knew exactly what he was doing."

A patient called noting that she is impressed with the efficiency of "MyChart" and cannot believe Watson Clinic can accomplish things in such a short period of time. It is user friendly and has everything she is looking for. It is definitely a communication and service improvement worth waiting for.

A note was received by Carmela Wilke, Bonny Nadolni and Pamela Sparkman, Dermatology, BVB, from an appreciative patient thanking them for “always being there for me.”

Jackie Bass, who works in the office with Dr. W. Jason Cornett, North Pediatrics, received a card thanking her for “taking such good care of our boys. You certainly have a gift for what you do. We love and appreciate you!”

A patient wrote a letter to say what a wonderful, caring person Brian Friend, ARNP-C, Endocrinology, is and that she and her husband have been very pleased with all the doctors they have had at Watson Clinic since 1947. However, Brian is “just very special” and they are blessed by him.

Dr. Ugo Nzeako, Gastroenterology, received a card from a patient thanking him for his special ways and stating that no matter how hard his day is, he is always great!

Katie Beard, Reception, was given a card by a patient and daughter who were thankful for the help provided to them.

Dr. G. Weyman Price, Allergy, South, received a note in the Patient Portal thanking him and his staff for their promptness in getting her seen so quickly. “You all have gone the extra mile with me and I appreciate you so much. You are the most caring physician I know.”

Laura Altamirano, Kathy Brueckner, Renee Fraser and Julia Rivera, Reception, received a basket of goodies from a patient who recently passed away. The patient’s daughter delivered it with a note that said, “Thank you for all your kindness extended to my Mom.” She said her Mother’s wish was to deliver treats to them for all the kindness they showed her.

Dr. James Mammel, OB-GYN, BVB, received a card from a patient stating “we are beyond grateful for having you as our doctor.”

Dr. Gabriel Pantol, Neurology, received a card from a patient stating his care meant so much.

Dr. Richard Harvey, Ophthalmology, received a card from a patient thanking him for taking such great care of her.

Dr. Elisabeth Dupont, Breast Surgeon, Women’s Center, received a card from a patient thanking her for her good care during a recent procedure and is grateful she is in her life.

Joey Gonzalez, Anesthesia, received a handmade card from a pediatric patient thanking him for his care and the special attention he was given.

A patient called noting Steve Paganella, EKG and Amanda Butler, Radiology Bartow, were wonderful to work with. They quickly addressed her issue and she appreciated their sincerity and courtesy.

A patient gives a shout out to Dr. Yuilya Faynberg, Optometry, for catching an issue before it got any worse and wanted to let her know how grateful she is.

Kudos to Sue Young, Patient Financial Services (PFS), for resolving a billing issue and following through on a patient’s account.

A patient called noting that Linda Bell, MRI, is an exceptional individual. She is professional, comforting and quickly responds to questions that are easily understood and helpful.

A patient sent a note to Pamela Sparkman, PA-C, Dermatology, BVB, thanking her for her timely diagnosis. “Your work is truly important and my family and I are very grateful.”

Dr. Jeremy Katzmann, Family Medicine, Highlands, received a card from a patient thanking him for the wonderful care he provided.

A grateful patient sent a thank you card to Dr. Pedro Flores and his team, Family Medicine, Highlands. “Thank you for going the extra mile,” the card read.

A patient wrote Dr. Michael Band and his team, Family Medicine, XpressCare at Highlands, for taking the initiative and quickly referring him to cardiologist Dr. Patrick Reddy. “I just wanted to thank you for going 'above and beyond' in your care and treatment of me,” his note read. “You literally have saved my life.”