What Everyone Is Saying


Recently received comments from patients.


Chalsey Lockhart, PA-C, Hand Surgery, received a shout-out from a patient stating she was “awesome, informative, professional, thorough and instrumental” in getting him taken care of by another clinic provider.

Dr. Louis Saco, Gastroenterology, received a card thanking him for his care in taking the time to personally call a patient.

A patient wrote a letter to the staff at Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine stating, “two months ago I would have never thought that I could do most things that I am doing today. I appreciate the encouraging and caring environment.”

A patient called to say that Diserie Hernandez, Reception, was very pleasant, polite and accommodating making sure that he was “taken care of sooner than later.” He truly appreciates her enthusiasm.

Dr. Patrick Reddy and Cathy Farquhar, Cardiology, received a thank you card from the family of a patient stating, “you have taken such good care of him since 1993 and gave us all those extra years. Because of this, you both will always be special to us.”

A patient gives a shout out to Debbie Simon, who works in the office with Dr. Daniel Traviesa, Neurology. She is “just wonderful” and takes the time to treat him like a friend, not a number.

Kudos to Cindy Jenkins, Patient Financial Services, for helping a patient with his account. He says she is “GREAT!”

A patient called noting that Dr. Marc Volpe, Orthopaedics, was a pleasure to deal with. “He took his time and explained everything” adding, “I was really, really impressed and that's hard to do.”

A patient notes that Linda Bell, Laurel Ann and Trish Wingo, MRI, “are about as professional as they come – always trying to accommodate and be helpful.” They are very “easy to deal with.”

A patient called to compliment Yesenia Ramirez and Shelby Sexton, Lab. He knew that Yesenia was new to the lab, but he felt she was very professional and skilled and will be a great asset. He complimented Shelby for the way she assisted Yesenia.

Wanda Burgos, Cardiology, received a card from a patient writing, “A big thank you…your help can’t compare.”

Dr. Tarek Garas and staff, OB-GYN, Bella Vista Building (BVB), received a card thanking them for their incredible kindness during a most challenging time. “We will be forever grateful!”

A patient called noting that Chris Bell and Katie Burns, Radiology, are “superb.” She could not have asked for better treatment or compassion from them.

Dr. Louis Saco and staff, Gastroenterology, received a card thanking him for the extraordinary care provided. “Your team always takes such great care of me” and “I was provided with excellent customer service.”

An employee of Watson Clinic gave a shout out to Gloria Thorley-McCarty, Nuclear Medicine, for assisting with “moving mountains” so that a patient would not have to wait for treatment to begin. “THANK YOU VERY MUCH GLORIA!”

Kudos to Gloria Lawson, EKG, says a patient, for being so “kind, courteous and professional.”

A card from the wife of a patient was sent to Dr. Musa Awan, Ophthalmology, to say “thank you for the care you gave my husband during his two cataract surgeries.”

Dr. A. Nicole Sparks, OB-GYN, Highlands, received a card thanking her for listening and caring for her clients the way she does.

A shout out from a patient goes to Sue Young, Patient Financial Services, for exceptional customer service for going above and beyond in taking the time to help her understand her account.

A patient called to say that Dr. Johnny Gibbs, Orthopaedics, is "a keeper." He is outgoing, personable and interested in his patients and adds that today was his first visit, but not his last and he is already feeling better.

Dr. Neeharika Makani and staff, Oncology-Hematology, received a letter from a patient and his wife thanking them for their exceptional care and compassion received.

Dina Gonzalez, Ultrasound, received a letter from a patient thanking her for going “above and beyond.”

Dr. Eric Catz, Pulmonary, received a card from a woman thanking him for the care her husband received.

Dr. Agustin Tavares and staff, Internal Medicine, South, received a note from a patient stating he is everything he could want in a doctor and Luis Berrios “has gone far beyond the call of duty to take care of me and I appreciate what each one of you have done for me.”

A call was received from a patient to thank Dori Mannino with the office of Dr. Chiques-Colon, Internal Medicine, stating she is “nothing but pleasant and appreciates everything to help make her care go smoothly.”

A card and cookies were received by Dr. Donald Langley and staff, OB-GYN, Highlands, from a patient to thank them for their kind and caring ways.

A shout out from the mother of a patient goes to Justin Harris, Reception Call Center, saying he was pleasant, friendly and accommodating in helping schedule several medical appointments.

A patient sent an email to Dr. A. Nicole Sparks, OB-GYN, Highlands. “You made a very uncomfortable appointment seem more like a visit with a friend,” she wrote. Another patient wrote to thank her for being proactive in ordering a crucial test for her.

A patient arrived at the Watson Clinic Main Lab and was very complimentary on the entire process. She stated she had never been to a more efficient Lab that was so clean, organized and the staff was so friendly.

A patient called to say how “professional, knowledgeable and friendly” Charles Catinella, Orthopaedics, is, and added that “he made me feel very welcome and comfortable during my visit.”

Dr. Louis Saco, Gastroenterology, received positive comments in a recent Lakeland Surgical & Diagnostic Center patient satisfaction survey: “He is friendly, approachable, has my trust and is the absolute BEST!”

Dr. Christine Skerbetz and staff, Radiology/Mammography, Women's Center, received a card from a patient stating “all of you were professional, informative and kind.”

Dr. Donald Langley and his staff, OB-GYN, Highlands, received a thank you card and cookies from a grateful patient.

Susan Boal, Ultrasound, received a note thanking her for her compassionate ways in helping the patient feel comfortable and relaxed during a recent procedure.

A patient sent a note of appreciation to Mark Bridges, Bridges Optical, Main Clinic. “I love my new frames! Your work is exceptional!”

Dr. Tarek Garas and staff, OB-GYN, BVB, received a card from a patient stating, “There is no card so grand that can express our great appreciation for your care. We are eternally grateful for you.”

Dr. Jeremy Katzmann and his team, Family Medicine, Highlands, received an email expressing immense appreciation for their care. “You guys are wonderful,” the patient wrote. “You are efficient, effective and effervescent!”

Dr. Neeharika Makani and her staff, Oncology-Hematology, Cancer & Research Center, recently received praise from a patient for the outstanding care they provided. Another patient thanked the team for helping him achieve remission in his dissertation for his Masters degree.

A patient sent a card and flowers to Elizabeth Brown, ARNP-C, Amanda Walker and Janelle Brooks, Gastroenterology, for accommodating his schedule and providing wonderful care.