What Everyone Is Saying


Recently received comments from patients.

Jim Suchenski, Patient Financial Services (PFS), received a compliment from an insurance representative stating he was extremely helpful and provided a wonderful experience in dealing with an issue.

Dr. Pranay Patel and staff, ENT, Bella Vista Building (BVB), received a card from the husband of a patient thanking them for their care of his wife during her illness. “We shall remember your kindness.”
DJ Cruikshank, Bella Vista Spa, received a thank you from a client stating, “You are amazing!”
Dr. Andres Medina and staff, CV Surgery, received a card from a thankful patient stating, “You and your staff have been amazing while I was having the biggest crisis in my life.”
A patient sent a thank you card to Chris Bell and Christina Hucks, Radiology/Ultrasound, for giving her kind and compassionate care.
Dr. Jorge Gonzalez and staff, Cardiology, received a card from the daughter of a patient thanking them for the reassurance and care provided and for “going above and beyond.”
Dr. Elisabeth Dupont and staff, Breast Surgeon, Women’s Center, received a card from an appreciative patient thanking them for all they do.
Kudos to Elizabeth Lee, Bonnie Nadolni, Carrie Cosson and Helena Oldham-Senko, Dermatology, for pulling together and going above and beyond while a teammate was absent. “You all are superstars!”
A patient thanked Dr. Richard Harvey and staff, Ophthalmology, for being reassuring, informative and not giving up on her along the way.
Rene Connors, Center for Rehabilitative Medicine (CRM)/Histology, received a note from a thankful patient saying, “Your hard work and efforts made the process and my visits a little easier.”
Dr. James Mammel and staff, OB-GYN, BVB, received a card from a patient and family thanking them for “making us feel comfortable and confident.”
A patient noted that Melissa Welch, Nurse Clinic, was “bubbly, perky and pleasant” and also stated, "She is enjoyable to be with when you don’t feel well."
A patient called to say what a great team Dr. Richard Harvey and staff, Ophthalmology, make because they were friendly and caring and also notes that Dr. Harvey even called him at home to check on him.
A patient stated Dr. Rajendra Sawh, Urgent Care, was kind and caring and “if she ever gets sick again, she will not come in unless he is working."
Kudos to Nancy Feener and her PFS team for correcting a report needing over 800 adjustments. They did this in less than a day!
Dr. Louis Saco, Gastroenterology, received positive comments in a recent Lakeland Surgical & Diagnostic Center (LSDC) patient satisfaction survey: “He is absolutely the best and truly cares about me as a patient."
A patient called stating this was his first time at Watson Clinic, and it was an awesome experience all the way around. Everyone was friendly, helpful and well informed. He particularly thanked Dr. Daynet Vega and Cornelius Moody, Neurology, Shannon Arellano, PFS, and Kelli Bertino, Reception, for being “absolutely super."
A patient stated she wanted to give Nancy Stanley-Crowson, Call Center, Palm Center, a “big hug and thank you” because she was able to schedule an appointment sooner than originally scheduled to address her needs.
Kudos to Jackie Bass, who works with Dr. Jason Cornett, North Pediatrics, for going above and beyond. She always has a smile and “I am glad I get to deal with her when my kids need to see the doctor."
Dr. Richard Harvey, Ophthalmology, received a card from a patient thanking him for the recommended course of treatment and then following up with a personal phone call afterwards.
Sherry Ryder, LPN, with Dr. Edward Baffoe-Bonnie, Internal Medicine, received a shout out from the parent of a patient stating “my son needed a physical and labs done for college by a certain time frame and she had them done before he needed it turned in."
An appreciative patient sent a card to Dr. James Mammel, OB-GYN, BVB, thanking him for “putting up” with her over the last 10 years and to have a “Happy Doctor Day."
Stephen Dean, who works with Dr. Johnny Gibbs, Orthopaedics, received a thank you from a patient stating how impressive his professionalism, upbeat manner and friendliness was during visits and treatment.
A grateful patient wrote a note to Dr. Sharareh Mazaheri, Family Medicine, thanking her for “listening, consulting and working with me to help me have a good life with good health."
Kudos to Davrie Dono and Brenda Huggins, Highlands Lab, from a patient stating they are “fantastic and both provided exemplary service with a smile. This is an awesome department!”
Dr. Kevin Browne, Cardiology, received a note thanking him for taking the time to explain the issues and choices concerning a patient that needed to be made. “You are a wonderful asset to Watson Clinic and our community."
A couple on the elevator made comments to an Administrative employee that they were first time snowbirds in the Lakeland area and they were quite impressed and pleased with their experiences at Watson Clinic.
Dr. Douglas Ebersole and staff, Cardiology, received a note from a grateful family member thanking them for “being here for me."
A patient called to compliment Kaitlyn Feeley, Reception, stating he truly appreciated her assistance and compassion.
A patient called to say that Dr. Peter Kazmier, Orthopaedic Trauma Surgery, is “out of this world” and that she is “blessed with the best doctor ever!”
Dr. Louis Saco and staff, Gastroenterology, received positive comments in a recent LSDC patient satisfaction survey: “He is a superb physician and the entire team treated me great and kept me informed.”
Taryne Noad, Rachel Gunter, Caroline Solano and Jill Guilloz, CRM Reception, received a plant from an appreciative patient thanking them for all they do.
The daughter of a patient wrote a note to thank Dr. Dona Stone, Internal Medicine, South, for her caring and compassionate ways and also to say how much she appreciates Debbie Turskey’s sweet spirit noting she is a positive asset to Watson Clinic.
A grateful patient sent Dr. Richard Harvey and staff, Ophthalmology, a card thanking them for going “beyond the call of duty." “You are all special.”
Kudos to Dr. Faeza Kazmier and staff, Plastic Surgery, Watson Clinic Women's Center (WCWC), for fitting a patient in on her day off and treating her “like a queen."
Dr. Jeremy Katzmann and his staff, Family Medicine, Highlands, received multiple tokens of praise from grateful patients in the past month, including a gift book, edible arrangement, and cards of praise for going above and beyond in serving each patient’s healthcare needs.
Sandra Ramirez-Blanco, Medical Records, Nicole Tarquinio, and Sandy Vander Heyden, Reception, received a note and chocolates from an appreciative patient.
Dr. James Mammel, OB-GYN, BVB, received a card from a grateful patient thanking him for “letting me push for hours and not giving up on me."
Mark Bridges and Susan, Bridges Optical, received a card of appreciation from a patient. “Thank you so much for going way above and beyond in fixing my stepdad’s glasses,” she wrote.
A patient had surgery in the Ambulatory Surgery Unit at LRH and wanted to commend Dr. Tarek Garas and his staff, OB-GYN, BVB, for their kindness and professionalism. "They went out of their way to explain everything and make sure I stayed comfortable and calm. Dr. Garas is the best!"