General Surgery

Watson Clinic’s general surgery team performs a comprehensive catalog of surgical procedures, from treatments for routine ailments to complex cancer-related operations.  

These treatments include:  
  • gallstone procedures
  • hernia repairs
  • thyroid cysts
  • hiatal hernia
  • surgical treatments for cancers of the colon, skin, stomach, liver, pancreas and breast
  • appendix removals and disorder treatments
  • minimally-invasive splenectomies, parathyroid surgery, thyroid surgery, liver resections and pancreatic surgery
  • laprosopic and minimally-invasive procedures utilizing the latest technologies. 
These procedures include esophagectomies to treat esophageal cancers. General surgeon Dr. Scott Kelley is one of a select group of physicians in the world to have experience performing these minimally invasive laparoscopic procedures.

Dr. Thomas Moskal is the first specialist in Lakeland to perform gallbladder removal procedures utilizing only a single 1-inch incision. Performed with robotic surgery technologies, the procedure inspires a shorter hospital stay, a significantly faster recovery time, and a virtually scar-free result.

In addition to receiving outside referrals, the general surgery team collaborates closely with physicians throughout Watson Clinic and Cancer Center, ensuring a smooth continuity of care for the patient.


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